Visitor #2

ThrillCam spotted this thing on our orange tree the other day.

I had actually seen it a couple days earlier, but thought it was part of the tree.  Just thought it was a woody spot on the limb.

I mean, it looks like it should be there, right?

But, on further inspection, ThrillCam said, no, it should not be there.

So, he dutifully scraped the thing off…

I tried to get a decent picture of the thing, but I just couldn’t.  He was wiggly.  And, there was no way I would touch him.

Have you ever seen such a weird horrific caterpillar before?  That thing does not turn into a beautiful butterfly, I’m just sure of it.

Look!  His real head actually pokes out from under that camouflaged-bark-look-alike-head-thingy….

Look at the picture below, again, and then back up to the blurred picture above…

See how he appears to have a large head with big eyes, like a an alligator, and yet, his little, skinny, green, nasty, creepy, head that EATS EVERYTHING GOOD AND LOVELY ON AN ORANGE TREE, sticks out from under that huge helmet head…

He gave me the hibby jibbies, honestly.

Of course, I give all credit to ThrillCam!  He’s my hero.  I mean, after all, he was the one who spotted the darned thing.  He saved my orange tree from certain death and destruction!!  I’m completely convinced that…thing…would have eaten every single leaf and orange bud!  Then, he would have ooched his way over to my lemon tree, then the lime tree!  And who knows if my tomato plants were in danger!?!

I’m telling you, he was the Very Hungry Caterpillar!  Times 30!!

He was pure evil, if ever there was…I could see it in his eyes…when I could actually see his eyes….

Anyway, if any of you know what that thing was/is, please, please let me know!  And, how do I prevent more of them from coming back?  He scares me.

My citrus grove thanks you,



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