Cue Deliverance Music: Go

I was actually composing my Monday Photography Tip, yesterday, when I was ripped away from the computer for a minor emergency.

You see, while I was working on the Tip, my son and two of his buddies were horsing around.  They were being boys…as only boys can be.  And, I, the bad parent that I can only be, allowed them to have their silly fun, even against my better judgement.   But, I figured, they’re boys. They’re having fun.  Leave ’em alone and let ’em play. Don’t be such a fuddy-duddy…

Here.  Let me set the stage:

  • Three 11-year-old boys
  • Boys had spent the night, so boys were lacking sound judgement due to lack of sleep
  • The Mother of one boy was also lacking, considerably, in sound judgement by allowing the Boys to do what they were doing
  • XBox was broken, so boys had to rely on imagination and creativity (which Mother assumed was a good thing, but now she’s not so sure)
  • Mother’s son has two rather large front teeth
  • Boys are bored with hide and seek, so Boys create a new game
  • Boys decide to use sleeping bags for more than just sleeping
  • Boys take said sleeping bags and use them to speed themselves down a flight of stairs, only to land on dog hair-covered tile floor at bottom of stairs
  • Boys did take precautions and placed pillows in front of wall across from the end of stairs
  • Mother says, “Boys, I don’t think that is of sound mind and judgement.  Maybe you should just go watch some TV…do something educational.”
  • Boys, being of not so sound minds and judgement say, “Naaahhhh.  THIS is way more fun!”
  • Boys then talk each other into crawling into said sleeping bags, head first, to slide aimlessly and blindly down said flight of stairs while Mother continues working on Tip
  • Mother’s son takes his third run at it and hits the bottom of said stairs, and then floor
  • Son lets out a small whimper that turns into a large whimper that turns into a huge, screaming, crying fit
  • Mother runs down to son, only to see great big tears rolling down Son’s face and a hand held to his mouth
  • Mother’s son screams, “It’s my BIG teeth!!!”

Okay.  Now, cue the music.

No.  Wait.  I must admit, first, that my youngest has the most incredible, tender, kind heart.  He’s goofy and funny.  He’s a real charmer.  And, he’s smart, too, the little booger.  But, he has a horrible mouth.  No, he doesn’t say dirty words.  It’s his teeth. His teeth are in dire, and I mean, dire need of braces.  We’ve only waited, lo these many years, for a couple of very valid reasons, one of them being we wanted him to lose some more of his baby teeth and allow his “BIG”  (adult) teeth to start coming in before spending that kind of money.

Of course, crooked teeth have not slowed down my youngest one bit.  He doesn’t think about whether his teeth are straight when he’s laughing and smiling.  He’s just not concerned with it, thankfully.

But, you must know, that I know his teeth are very, very crooked.

Okay.  NOW, cue the music.  Begin Dueling Banjos, riiiiiigghhhttt….NOW!

My poor baby.  (He said later, and I quote, “I look like a Hillbilly.”)

He said he was laughing while going down the stairs (they all three were–and to be honest, it really was pretty funny how much fun they were having), so, of course, his mouth was wide open, and BOOM!  When he hit bottom, his head sort of popped forward and down went his front teeth on the tile floor.

I think it scared him more than anything.

It scared me, too.  When he came out from inside the sleeping bag, I really thought I was about to see his head cracked open or something even worse.  Thankfully, there was no blood, and so far, no signs of trauma to the roots of his teeth.  I think if he had little bitty teeth like mine, there would have been more damage.  But, since he’s been blessed with some whoppers in front, he only chipped them!

Oh my.  He’s a nut.

More on Snaggle-Tooth, later.




  1. Bev

    Awwww! Thank God for tooth bonding. You’d never know I had a chipped front tooth from my younger days sliding on the ice. And I’m sure dentistry has come a long way since the olden days.

    ‘B’ is such a good sport.

  2. Andi

    O, man! Blake was very impressed with their fun! Bev’s right, dentistry HAS come a long way. Laminate veneers can be expensive, somewhat fragile, but beautiful when done by a talented cosmetic dentist. I love the pictures…he such a good sport! I miss you, friend.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Yeah, that would be something Blake would have done when he was a kid!! 🙂
      I miss you, too.

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