My new favorite breakfast…for now

I’m such a creature of habit.  I find something I like and return to it, over and over.  Like left-overs.  I like left-overs.  Do you?

Right now, my new passion/obsession is Greek yogurt.  I don’t know what it is about the stuff, but I like it better than the regular yogurt.  Maybe the Greek goats and cows make better milk.  They are, after all, living where the Olympics originated….

I’m going to go sit in a corner and think about what I just wrote.

You should try it, really.  It’s, in my opinion, creamier and better tasting than regular yogurt.  Plus, it has less sugar and more protein than the regular, runnier yogurt.

Unfortunately, it costs a bit more than regular yogurt.

Anyway, recently, on a whim, I purchased Starbuck’s Greek Honey Yogurt Parfait; I was instantly hooked.  But, I realized quickly that it was a) inconvenient to drive through Starbucks every single morning, and b) it could become quite costly, and c) I didn’t want to put ThrillCam through all of that.  So, after a few days of obsessing over how I could get my hands on another fix from Starbucks, I finally went to the grocery store and purchased all the ingredients, for about the same amount that it costs to get ONE Greek Honey Yogurt Parfait at Starbucks.

Here’s the lay of the land:

Greek yogurt.

Obviously, I’m new to this stuff.  So, I am willing to try different brands to find the right yogurt, but for right now, I’m quite content with the Fage brand.  There were some other brands that I looked at, but they cost more and had smaller containers.  And, if I’m going to eat this every morning until I get sick of it and move to my next obsession, I might as well get more bang for my buck, right?


Mmmmm, honey…

Lots and lots of honey….  I make sure I put enough in to make the Greek yogurt not taste like yogurt anymore.

Oh, don’t even!  You are laughing at me?  Don’t point that judgmental finger at me!!  Because I know, I know, you would do the same!!  Honey is good for the body.  It’s good for the soul.  It’s good for making yogurt not taste like yogurt.  Okay?!

Moving on.


I chose a granola with cranberries in it, because, well, because Starbucks had cranberries in their version.  Plus, I like cranberries.  (I also picked up an Almond Coconut version sans cranberries that I’ll show you later.)

Sprinkle some on top.

Go on…add a little more.  It’s a little bowl.  And you’re eating Greek yogurt.  Go for it!

Now, for the crème de la crème… More cranberries!

Simple.  And, oh-so-yummy.

And, good for you, too!

Give it a good stir and enjoy!

A note about granola and cranberries:  If your grocery store carries bulk spices, look there for the granola and dried cranberries.  I promise you, it will be cheaper in the long run to get them in that section, rather than the cereal or dried fruit sections.

I discovered the bulk spices at Central Market, years ago.  Sadly, though, I don’t live close enough to a Central Market to make it worth the drive weekly.  (H.E.B.’s Central Market is sort of like Whole Foods.)  I realized I could purchase spices for pennies on the dollar compared to buying the bottled spices, like McCormick, etc.

This is the almond coconut granola I mentioned above.  I’m going to try this with the honey and a different fruit, once I run out of the cranberry granola and dried cranberries.

So, if you grocer does not carry a bulk spice section, ask them to.  Plead with them.  Pester them.  Hound them.  Even if you get a small spice section like the ones at my local grocery stores, you can find many of your most used spices for much cheaper.  Just save your old spice bottles and re-fill them.

Then, grab yourself some Greek yogurt, some honey, and whatever type of granola and berries you like!




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