All I Wanted for Memorial Day was His Two Front Teeth…

When I was in 4th grade, our class decided to throw a surprise birthday party for our teacher, Miss Dobbs.  I don’t remember how we got her out of the room, but while she was gone, we ran around the school like banshies, gathering items to create the best-ever birthday party.  We loved Miss Dobbs.

In the process, I ran happily out of our classroom and, at full speed, turned the corner just in time to run face-first into Vanessa M. who was carrying a huge platter full of cake.  (My memory of it is that I ran face-first into Rhonda J. who was carrying a platter full of potato chips, but my mother insisted it was Vanessa and cake.  I trust her memory better than mine, honestly.)

Whether it was Vanessa or Rhonda doesn’t really matter, but when I met the platter of food, I rammed two of my front teeth into it. Instantly, they chipped off.

Fast forward many, many years to present day:

Like mother, like son.

So, if you’ve read the saga of how my youngest broke off his two front teeth, you know he has a lifetime worth of dental work still to be done in his young mouth.  But, first thing’s first.  Before we could move forward with the braces, we had to repair the front grill damage….

Our regular dentist was unable to get my son in on Monday (I called and left a message on Sunday night), so I scrambled around searching for one who could.  My poor baby, who, honestly, is not a vain kid, was embarrassed to go to school sporting his new Hillbilly look.  So, I needed to get him in quick.  Besides, I couldn’t have that kid skipping school more than one day!  I mean, he’s almost out for the summer, so I’ve got to squeeze as much out of my tax dollars and babysitting as I can!!

(I’m totally and completely joking there.  I love, love our school and our son’s teacher.  She is fantastic.  And, really, I don’t want to rush my kid out of 5th grade, because after that, he starts intermediate school.  And we all know how intermediate can be….ugh.)

So, thankfully, I have friends whose children have pretty, straight, clean teeth, so I asked them who they thought I should see for my son’s dental emergency.  I figured my son’s mouth might earn me a hefty discount–I mean, a worthwhile dentist would look at my son’s mouth and think, “A challenge!  I love a good challenge.  I should pay her for allowing me to work on it.”

POP! Oh, sorry.  My fantasy dream just shattered and I am now back in reality.

I think most dentists would look at my son’s mouth and think, “This boy’s mouth is gonna put my kid through an Ivy League college!”

I was able to find another dentist who took my son in on Monday.  Dr. Gee was great.  He took one look at my son’s mouth and assured me the fix was easy.

Now, granted, I had to sign a contract that promised I would give my plasma, weekly, for the rest of my life, as well as my left arm and leg, but other than that, it didn’t cost too much.

First, Dr. Gee had to numb my son’s top gums.  Once that was done, he began the task of rebuilding the front teeth.

I didn’t compensate for the very bright light Dr. Gee needed to work by, so I’m sorry my pictures aren’t as clear as I thought they would be.  Above, Dr. Gee is applying a blue substance, that I assume creates a better bond between the tooth and the composite.

Below, Dr. Gee is working with the composite, or filler, on the first replacement tooth.

Finally, Dr. Gee had to shape and file both teeth to look like the original ones.



Life if good and right, again.  My youngest’s big front teeth are back!  (Please ignore his wonky smile, above.  His upper lip is still completely numb–this was immediately after his dental work was completed.)

Here he is a few days later:

For some reason, the pictures show the corrected areas more than in person.

In person, you have to look very closely to tell they’ve been replaced.

Thankfully, Hillbilly Boy is gone.  Hopefully never to return.

Now, we prepare for Brace-Face Boy….

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    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Andrea, I should have linked to the original post, so you could read it. I have since changed it to link the two stories. But, if that doesn’t work, scroll down about 4 blog entries to Cue Deliverance Music: Go. That will give you the low-down on my son’s adventures.

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