5th Grade “Graduation”

Does anyone else find it odd that kids now “graduate” from 5th grade?

I mean, it’s not a bad thing.  It does represent the transition from elementary to intermediate, which is a big step.

It’s just interesting that our society must have a ceremony including guest speakers, diplomas, and often times, caps and gowns for  the end of Kindergarten, 5th, 8th, and even Pre-K!  (Yes, our youngest wore a cap and gown to his Pre-K graduation.  And, yes, I even teared up.)

ThrillCam and I attended a nearly three-hour graduation ceremony for our 11-year-old last week.  Not only did it include diplomas and a guest speaker, it also had cake, lemonade, and a parade down the hallway of the school (which was rather cool, I must say).

Again, I am not complaining.  I’m proud of my son and his friends.  And, I’m sad to see their elementary years come to a close, but I do find it odd that the end of 5th grade has become so important to merit an almost 3 hour ceremony.

Even Barack Obama said this about eighth grade graduations, “Now hold on a second — this is just eighth grade,” he said. “So, let’s not go over the top. Let’s not have a huge party. Let’s just give them a handshake.” He continued: “You’re supposed to graduate from eighth grade.”

Exactly.  You’re supposed to graduate from 5th.  And 8th.  In fact, my kids are supposed to graduate from high school and then college.

Okay, I’m sorry….  I’ll step down from my very small soapbox.  I really don’t mean to come across as a spoil sport.  I’m sure I’m pushing some buttons that others feel strongly about.

I really was happy to celebrate my son and his friends.  They were proud.  I was proud.  And, the school was proud of her graduates.

I just hope, though, when my boys each reach their high school graduations, which really do represent an important milestone, or their college graduations, which are even more impressive, I hope they aren’t burned out on ceremonies and feel they’re getting one more piece of paper….

It’s kind of like giving trophies just for participating.

Don’t even get me started on that….



One comment

  1. Andrea

    I was very happy that they called Carleigh’s event a Kindergarten Celebration, and there wasn’t a cap or gown in site. Cuz I would have had to have protested. As Mr Incredible says, it’s just another chance to celebrate mediocrity. I completely agree with you- I want to be supportive, but isn’t it diminishing the significance when you make a big deal out of the completion of every grade??? You give me 13 years of hard work and sacrifice, I’ll throw you a PARTY!!!! Finish Jr High and I’ll buy you a new backpack. =)

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