I (heart) my neighborhood!

Every year, on the last day of school, our neighbor, Scott, orchestrates a “surprise” attack on his son and the other neighborhood boys as they step off the school bus.

He usually pelts them with 20 or so water balloons.  It’s his way of lovingly rushing them straight into summer.

This has gone on for a number of years and Scott has always pretty much done it on his own.  He lives for the last day of school and for the opportunity to render the boys helpless.  And, of course, the boys all secretly hope Scott will follow through with the tradition.

This year, though, Scott enlisted a few of the other parents and older siblings.  You see, the end of the boys’ elementary school years merited a much larger plan of attack.  So, Scott and his wife Beverly filled about 200 water balloons all morning long.  Beverly then ordered pizzas to make it a fitting celebration for the end of the boys’ elementary years.

The Plan was very sophisticated, tactical, precise, and very, very secret. 

If I told you The Plan, I’d have to kill you.

Oh, okay….  But, don’t tell anyone else, okay?  We might have to employ The Plan next year, and we don’t want it leaking out.  Pinky-swear?

  • We all hid.  Behind large objects, like Beverly’s SUV. 
  • We waited.  The idea was, the boys would step off the bus and be completely caught off-guard!  It was pure evil and pure satisfaction all in one.
  • We had ammo.  The parents and older siblings were armed with water balloons or water guns, or both.  


When Scott gave the go-ahead, The Plan was to be put into action: AMBUSH THE FORMER 5TH GRADERS!!  AND MAKE ‘EM CRY LIKE LITTLE GIRLS!!!

They fooled us, though.  The boys got off at an earlier stop and walked home, rather than getting off at their usual stop.  This forced us to adapt.  But, that was no problem for our stealthy soldiers.

Ready….ready….hold your fire, men….holding…holding….

Trey was the first to make it around the corner and, sure enough, he sounded the warning call.


Our gig was up.  They were onto us.  We didn’t stop to think.  All we could do was react.  And react, we did.

At that point, it was all-out war (albeit, and very one-sided war), with Scott, our fearless leader, storming the beaches.

The boys were somewhat in a pickle.

Some were still carrying their backpacks, plus, they had to somehow make it through the firestorm of water balloons just to grab one or two water balloons to fire back.

It was awesome!  Theydidn’t know what hit ’em!!

The boys were completely out-numbered and completely unprepared for the onslaught from their parents, friends, and siblings.

I mean, truly, the assault of water balloons was, as my son would say, “BEAST!”

The most surprising aspect of the whole thing was how aggressive the Mamas were!

I would have expected the older brothers and sisters to want to cream their little brother(s).

Like this big brother….

And, this big brother…

Even the little sisters got in on the act!

But the moms…

they were quite the zealots!

I sincerely believe they each secretly got much delight out of walloping their sons with the water balloons….

It really was so much fun to watch.  (I was Switzerland; I had the camera, so I was neutral, a safe zone.) 

Shock and Awe in the ‘hood.



My baby was surrounded!  Run, Forrest, Run!!

His own FATHER and BROTHER shamlessly and with great pleasure, bombarded him; he was helplessly overwhelmed.

A one-two punch.

But, my youngest wasn’t down for long. 

He and his punk buddies managed to get hold of our armament.

It appeared they were getting the upper hand.

The punks started taking on the Pistol-Packing Mamas…

Diane stood her ground for as long as she could.

We all watched as she was overtaken…

Although, not a direct hit, it was too close for comfort.  We knew at that point that the tide had turned. 

Fortunately, though, we had run out of water balloons.  Whew!

We called it a truce and declared it was time for PIZZA!!!

In the end, it was a very fun and exciting way to celebrate the boys–their last day of elementary and their first day of summer! 

What more could you ask for?

Happy Summer, everyone!



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