I (heart) my neighborhood, Part Deux-deux

Snicker, snicker, snort…  deux-deux.  I crack myself up.

Sorry.  Been spending a lot of time with my 11-year-old son.

I’ve also had the pleasure of spending time with my neighbors.

Those, obviously, aren’t my neighbors.  They’re crawfish.

My neighbors?  They’re people.

People who love crawfish.

Almost as much as me.

My neighbor, Stan, grew up close enough to Louisiana to have some Cajun in his blood.

And, believe you-me, I thank the good Lord above, just about every day, for Stan’s Cajun influences.

‘Cuz, Stan knows crawfish.

This is how they start out.  Live and skirm-y.  In a big purple bag.  (purple bag optional)

ThrillCam offered to be my Cajun Vanna White.

Thanks, Pooky.

For the record, I’ve never, in my life, called ThrillCam “Pooky.”  I am referring to the crawfish.  I loved that little mudbug for giving up his little crawfish life, so I could EAT HIM UP!  Thank you, little Pooky!

These particular crawfish were HUGE…like a donkey, huge!  (say “like a donkey, huge” with an English accent–it’s a quote from a play called, Absurd Person Singular.  The phrase has been with me since my college theatre days….)

Look!  Lots and lots of  Mudbugs!

…with lots and lots o’ BUTTAH!!!

(Stan’s my kinda cook.)

Then, the crawfish go for a sacrificial swim in some really hot water, buttah, and Slap Yo’ Mama seasoning….

Finally, they’re finished off with a little shake or two of this…

Dump ’em into a cooler to keep them warm and toasty…

Next, add a few friends…

Hi, Beverly!

(Sorry I caught you with your eyes closed! I think you were relishing the yummy food at that very moment.)

Hi, y’all.

Mix in some family…

Hi, Pooky!  uh, I mean, ThrillCam!

Hi, Sport!  Good grief, that’s a huge crawfish!!  I think maybe you should give your mama that one….

Put it all together, and you’ve got H.E.A.V.E.N.!!

Or, at least a little slice of it.

I wish crawfish season lasted all year long….



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