Recently, ThrillCam and I reached an important milestone; our 20th wedding anniversary!

Not many folks can boast of that. I mean, it ain’t easy being married to someone that long. But, I figure ThrillCam has it a lot easier than me. I know I’m speaking for him, which I’m sure he won’t mind, but I bet 20 years seems like a walk in the park for him!


Well, for one thing, I’m a meticulous cleaner; you could eat off our floors. I am always cheerful and light of heart. Good mood? Everyday! In fact, ThrillCam doesn’t even know what PMS stands for…no need.

I keep a tight reign on the checkbook.

I cook every night, with finesse, no less.

I am raising well-behaved boys who bath and brush daily, who cringe with embarrassment if any air escapes, unexpectedly (or otherwise) from between their cheeks… either set of cheeks.

And, I have complete and utter control over my dog.

I run a tight ship!

Who wouldn’t want to come home everyday to such bliss?? Why, now that I think of it, twenty years with me is not even close to being enough!

So, if you see ThrillCam, you might remind him of his abundant blessings and good fortune. You know, not everyone has it as good as he!
I mean, us.
Of course, I mean US.

Apparently, the traditional 20 year gift is china. My grandmother gave me china when we married, so there’s no need for that. The MODERN gift is platinum. Mmmm…platinum good, very good.
I could do platinum.

But, I don’t need something that fancy. I’m not high maintenance like that. Nope, not this country girl!

So, because this blog is not meant to only entertain, it is also meant to inform, educate, and encourage, I thought I’d offer some easy, affordable, practical, small gift ideas for anyone, say someone with many of the same characteristics of ThrillCam, to give his beloved. Any of the below options (I took pictures with my phone) would be suitable for anyone, say, like me, for a 20th wedding anniversary, as a way of saying thank you.

I’m just sayin’.




  1. Kris Mc

    I’ve got an old platinum spoon…that should do the trick, eh? I’ll call ThrillCam and see if he wants to make an offer…

    Tee Hee…your posts ALWAYS cracks me up! Thanks for the chuckles (yet again!).

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Honestly, Kris, I’m holding out for the Hope Diamond….

      Glad I could make you giggle a bit. We can all use that on a regular basis, don’t you think?


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