What Not to Wear while away at Kamp

That’s how the boys’ camp spells the word…with a k, not a c.

However they spell it, it ends up being F-U-N!

But, in every life some rain must fall, and Kamp must come to an end.  The boys must come home.  Then I get the laundry.  It’s no fair.  For any of us.

As I showed you previously, my foyer was a mess.

And, that picture was taken after I had removed multiple loads of dirty clothes and two trunks.  You couldn’t walk through the front door and into the house without tripping over something.

It was a hodge-podge of items strewn about the place.

The 4th of July hat and yellow fuzzy hair wig…

Pillows longing for a bed…

(That Snoopy pillow case was mine from when I went to summer camp as a kid!!  I still have the flat sheets that match.)

But, that’s not really why I’m writing this post.   I want to tell you about my nephew’s camp trunk.

It was pristine.  Perfectly Organized.

Everything was in its place.

His toiletries all together, in a bag.

My youngest son brought his home in a cup.  A cup.


What happened to my son’s bag that held his toiletries?


A cup.

My sister-in-law, Sherri, who is also a good friend of mine, did such a fabulous job of packing for her son.

Everything was beautifully labeled and sorted into categories, like his socks, swimsuits, and underwear.

When my nephew opened his trunk on the first day of Kamp, he had no trouble knowing exactly where and what everything was.

Sherri even organized her son’s clothing into sets, so all he had to do was pull out a zippered bag and put on his clothes.  It wasn’t quite to the level of Granimals, but he didn’t have to think about what to wear.

It was beautiful.  Genius.

In fact, I’ve since learned that she would make for a fantastic Scout mom, since they are advised to pack in baggies, to prevent rain from getting into the Scout’s clothing while camping out under the stars, and in the rain.

Of course, my nephew was sleeping inside a cabin with some semblance of air conditioning.  But that’s neither here nor there.

My point is, while my nephew was away at Kamp, he should have had zero problems getting dressed and ready for each fun-filled day.

Grab and go!

But….have you noticed something about these pictures?  Anything stand out to you that seems a little odd, or that made you wonder a little?

Before I clue you into what I noticed, let me explain a few things:  1) it’s a two-week camp, and 2) the camp provides laundry service midway through the session, which is very, very nice.  And, what I’ve learned after doing this for 8 summers, once the laundry has been done, the boys will just throw the clean stuff back into their trunks, without folding or sorting…certainly not folding and putting the laundry back into zippered bags….

So, have you caught on, yet?  Did you notice the bags?  The unopened bags?  The organized, clean bags of clothing?

No, my nephew has many wonderful qualities and we love and adore him, but sorting and folding laundry is not one of them.

That’s right!  My nephew was able to get through 2 weeks of summer camp without ever having to change his clothes.  He used approximately 4 sets of clothing in 13 days!  (And, he, like my youngest son who was in the same cabin, did not partake of the laundry service.  Apparently, the boys were in the middle of a card game and couldn’t be bothered with stopping to get their dirty clothes.  Of course, my nephew didn’t even require the laundry service–he still had two weeks’ worth of clean clothes in his trunk!)

Sherri and I are not convinced the underwear to clothing ratio matches, either.  We’re thinking there may have been a few Commando days thrown in there….

Big sigh.

Years ago, my oldest came home from a 4-day church camp without ever brushing his teeth.

How did I know?  He drank a Big Red on the way home from the camp…his teeth looked like he had chewed one of those red cavity-finding tablets…. I can’t describe the horror I felt.





  1. Sherri

    Yes, it’s true! He does not worry about minor details such as showering, wearing underwear, changing clothes after 5 days…
    But at least this year he changed clothes 4 whole times! Last year, it was the same pair of shorts for 2 straight weeks.

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