Pick-up Dog

Bear wishes, so badly, that he lived in the country.

He also wishes I drove a pickup truck, so he could be pickup dog.

That would fulfill all of Bear’s wildest dreams.

I sure wouldn’t have to deal with slobber flowing down my windows, if he were a pickup dog….

Bear is not really all eat up with smarts, if you know what I mean.  He’s one of the friendliest, silliest, most fun-loving-est dogs you’ll ever meet, but when it comes to staying out of trouble, he’s kind of, um, shall we say, dim-witted.

We still have no earthly idea what bit him last time he was out and about in the country.  Whatever it was, it took a good little chunk out of his neck.

But, that doesn’t slow down Bear.  He’s happiest when running around jumping in and out of tanks, riding in cars, and chasing rabbits.

I honestly believe he leaves a part of his heart out there every time we come home to the city.


Happy, go-lucky dog!


Sad, pitiful, little puppy dog…

Poor baby.  I’m thinking he needs a fix.  A country fix.



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