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Okay, so yesterday I briefly wrote about my experiences while participating in the 3rd Annual World Wide Photo Walk, the brainchild of Scott Kelby.  (Scott Kelby is a Photoshop guru and all-around supreme photographer.)  He thought it would be a great idea to coordinate one day at year for local photographers to get together, enjoy some great conversation, and do what they love to do–take pictures.

1. Wharf at sunrise

I took a risk and joined a group in Galveston to photograph the sunrise at Galveston Island’s Wharf.  Then, we walked along The Strand, shooting pictures of various and sundry places and things.  The best part?  It was free!

My fellow photographers were from all over the city of Houston and surrounding areas.

I had a great time!

2. street at sunrise

So, I’ve finally chosen, I think, my favorites from the day.

3. candied apples

But, I need your help.

4. gaslight

You see, along with getting a creative shot in the arm, I also have the opportunity to win a prize!

5. phone booth

And, I’m all about winning free stuff!

6. trumpet

…especially if it’s free photography gear!

7. coffee sign

I know I really don’t have a snowball’s chance of winning….

8. bug man

But, it’s good for me to be vulnerable, to put myself and my work out there….

9. yellow wharf

In fact, I want YOUR opinion.

10. open door

I want you to tell me which ONE photo I should place on the alter…to be judged….against thousands of other photographs from around the world.

No pressure, really. (click on photo to see a larger version)

11. coffee syrups

It’s good to hear feedback, even when it’s not exactly what I want to hear.

So, be honest with me.

Give it to me.

12. Ike water line

Even if it makes me cry.

And angry.

And bitter.

Even if it makes me want to never put myself or my art out there ever again….

13. colorful chairs

I need to know what you think.

Because I’m a pleaser.   And I want to make you happy.

And, I want to make the judges happy.

Because if they’re happy, they’ll choose my picture!!

So, choose wisely.

Again, no pressure.


P.S.  Leave me a comment with the photo you think I should enter.  I have to submit my entry by July 31st.



  1. Diane Mead

    Hi Elizabeth!

    I love your work you have such a great eye of capturing truly some amazing pictures. the following are my top 3 pics and why.

    1. Gaslight – This picture looks like it should be on a post card and the reflection of the sky through the light is beautiful.

    2. Street at Sunrise – I like this picture because of all the dimension it shows. It makes me as a viewer want to look at everything you captured.

    Colorful Chairs – This is a really cool picture! As a viewer I am drawn into the bright colors and then I notice the colors are chairs. It is really cool the angel you used to shot this picture….abstract and traditional all caught in one photo.

    I hope this helps…….

    Looking forward to finding out what picture you chose to submit.

    Good Luck
    Your #1 fan!!!!!!

  2. Andrea

    6 10 and 13, but not in any order- I will tell you why…the tumpet barely shows the word galveston in the background, so it’s COOL!!!!!
    The chairs have great color and texture
    And the door makes me think “what’s back there???”

    Oh- and I don’t even own a camera, so my opinion is squat!

  3. Kris

    Gorgeous pictures! You are very talented, Lizard!

    OK, my favs: (drum roll, please)

    wharf at sunrise

    street at sunrise

    colorful chairs (really like this one, my top favorite…but if it needs to kinda reflect the place where you took the pictures, then the others would probably be best).

    I like the Ike water line one, but didn’t immediately see the writing on the wall (not my 1st time, but I digress…). Once I read the title, I looked more closely. I then loved that one, because it says so much about Galveston right now… but I didn’t see it at 1st. Make sense? I’m amazed at how high the water rose!

    So, my 1st favorite is the colorful chairs…who would have thought to take a picture of chair legs? Sooo creative! You’re a stud.

  4. Sherri

    OK, take this with a grain of salt from someone who knows NOTHING about photography whatsoever. But some of them do appeal to me more than others. My 5 favorites are:
    2. street at sunrise
    3. candied apples
    4. gaslight
    10. open door
    13. colorful chairs
    Now (realizing that I only narrowed it down by half), if I HAD to be more choosy, I guess I would pick #4 and #10 as my very favorites.
    But even narrowing down to two was very difficult and too quick of a decision for me. If I had to choose just one, it would take me a week to decide 🙂

  5. Sally

    Okay, I love #1, #2, and #8 with #8 being the most surprising to me because it looks like a retro (photoshopped) picture until you realize that it is a real, everyday life picture. Oh, and I love the chairs, too, just because they are so ordinary but so striking. FUN!

  6. Elizabeth Simmons

    Y’all are awesome!! I love your insight, honestly! Thanks for you feedback. I am counting the votes and will reveal the “winner” in a day or two.
    Thanks, again!!!

  7. Cameron

    “Wharf at Sunrise” is my favorite. The colors are rich. I could see that one in someone’s office who works down at the wharf. I also like “open door.” It stirs the imagination, whether you interpret it symbolically or just wonder what is inside. The fact that the light comes from inside the door really makes the photo.

  8. Kevin jennings

    I like #2 the best. More unique than the others. Though the gas lamp looks like it could be a postcard. Nice Picts though

  9. june

    elizabeth! these are amazing! i’m so glad you had such a great time and such a wonderful experience!

    i could not narrow it down to just one…my favs are the warf, the street & the open door! again, they are all amazing! great job friend!

  10. Mom

    In order:

    Wharf at sunrise, open door, gaslight.

    Maybe whart at sunrise should have the most merit because you had to get up at 4:00 a.m. in order to take the picture.

  11. Beverly Merriman


    I really loved all of these pictures! You are so talented. My favorites are: 1. Wharf at Sunrise,(love the sky and lighting on the wharf) 2. Street at sunrise (love the rugged look of the street with the old stone/brick) 3. Colorful chairs (love the bright colors). Good Luck ! I am sure you will do great.

  12. Lisa Mc

    I like #2. Street at sunrise the best, #1 Wharf at Sunrise,#4 gaslight, #10 open door. Open door may be the most artsy fartsy one….open to lots of interpretation. I like the chairs too.

  13. Heather

    They are all great pictures but if I have to choose I like:
    #2 Street at sunrise
    #10 Open door
    #4 Gaslight

    I do have to admit I really like #11 Coffee Syrups just because the Gnome is watching over.

    Good luck!

  14. Laura Sneed

    Open Door is my favorite ~ I love that warm, amber light.
    My second fave is Street at Sunrise.
    All great pics!

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