And, the “winner” is…

Okay, you came. You saw. You voted. (thank you!)

And, the “Winner” is…

1. Sunrise at the Wharf

Miss Wharf screamed and cried with ecstasy, when informed she was the “Winner.” She was surprised to be chosen, though. “To be honest, I was concerned that my dark and ominous side would prevent others from seeing the light that glows brightly inside of me,” she was quoted as saying.

She will continue her work in making our ocean waters cleaner and safer for all the world. And, she desires world peace, of course.

If, for any reason, Miss Wharf is unable to fulfill her duties, this Runner-Up Photo will take her place:

2. Street at Sunrise

Miss Street says she is honored to be in second place. She plans to continue her work with small animals and fighting for better car emissions control.

Honorable Mention goes to:

3. Open Door

Miss Door was told she had great potential. The judges felt they did not really see all there is to see in Miss Door. They wanted her to open up a bit more…

Oh! And, let’s not forget, Miss Congeniality:

4. Color Chairs

Miss Chairs was a real crowd pleaser. The judges loved how happy and bright she was.

Thanks, everyone, for your input. I have until Saturday to change my mind. In fact, I tweaked the Ike Water Line picture a bit–lightened it, to you could see the taped words better–and it’s quickly becoming a favorite. Probably because it has personal meaning to me. Not sure the judges would think the same, since it’s been a couple years since the hurricane, plus, they don’t live anywhere close to this area…. But, we’ll see. I’ll let you know if I change my entry.

Off to lift and tuck before the pageant,


P.S. Thank you for your uplifting words of encouragement concerning my mother. You are the best!


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