I changed my mind….


I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings, but I’ve changed my mind about which picture to enter in the Photo Walk contest.    I know you voted and you said you thought I should enter the Wharf at Sunrise…

I really like that one, too, but, I just keep going back to the idea that photographs need to tell a story.  At least, most of the time. 

So, I went back to the Ike Water Line photo.  Again and again. 

(click on photo to see it enlarged)

I think it tells a story, very obviously.

Now, again, I don’t think I have a snowball’s chance of winning; I’m not convinced the judges will really think the photo is all that compelling, simply because Ike was a few years ago, and because they don’t have the emotional attachment I have to Hurricane Ike. 

Ike was very real to many folks who live close to, or in, Galveston, and if you visit Galveston today, you still see remnants of its destruction.  (Galveston has done a great job of recovery efforts.  But, in reality, there is still a lot to be done outside of the tourist areas.)

I know the Ike Water Line photo isn’t all that pretty.  It’s probably not something you’d see on a postcard or hanging on your wall, but I believe it tells a story.  And that was important to me.

Please forgive me.

All my love,




  1. Laura Sneed

    Nope, it’s not pretty but neither was Ike. It really does tell a story… I think you have as much a chance of winning as anybody 🙂

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