Call me crazy, but I miss the little freak.

Whenever I get out my camera, which is quite often, Bear goes berserk.   He starts jumping up and down and barking at the camera.  It’s really odd. 

Like the other day….I purchased a new point and shoot camera that I was learning to use, and Bear would have nothing of it…. Anytime I would turn the camera in his direction, whether to take his picture or not, he began his little happy-dog dance combined with multiple rounds of loud yapping and barking.  It was really very annoying.

I think I need the Dog Whisperer to visit me and help me achieve a “calm and assertive n-r-gee.”    I mean, honestly, this is becoming a problem; I take out my camera almost daily.  We just can’t have this kind of behavior.  And, I have absolutely no idea how this behavior even began.

The crazy thing, I love that silly, wacky dog. 

When I dropped him off at the kennel this week, I hate to admit it, but I had the same feeling as when I dropped off my child for his first day of Kindergarten.   You know that feeling: I hoped he wouldn’t be too hot in the kennel.  I worried they wouldn’t play with him enough.  What if he comes home with ticks, fleas, or worse, no desire to live with us anymore and wants to stay there for the rest of his doggy life because he loves those people better than his people??   

I couldn’t bare the agony!

(Granted, I didn’t worry about fleas and ticks when I sent my kids to Kindergarten, but still, you get the idea.) 

Call me the freak.  I can take it.  I know I’m weird.  I know it’s bizarre to feel that way about a dog.  A crazy dog, at that.

But, I love my crazy dog. 

And, I miss him.



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