Fun in the sun!

I love going to the beach, even with all the sand and grit, sticky hair, and jiggly exposed body parts.  I really do love it.

Once I, eventually, get over the fact that I’m wearing a bathing suit in public, I relax and have fun.

That is just what we did on our little mini vacation this week: relaxed and had fun.

(ThrillCam and I took the boys down to the coast for a few extra days of sun a fun, following our oldest son’s baseball tournament.  We’ve had a busy summer, but we haven’t really had a chance just to relax and hang out as a family unit.  So, we jumped at this opportunity to add a few days of vacation.)

While on our little trip, I used our new point and shoot camera sealed inside a waterproof case.  The case was great–it kept the camera warm and dry the whole time.   And, it prevented my camera from getting a ton of fine sand inside it.

Tip: If you take your camera to the beach or other sandy regions, consider taking it to a quality camera shop, afterward, to have it professionally cleaned.  The sand can do some real damage, if you’re not careful. (I refused to take my DSLR on this trip for that very reason.  I did not want to risk messing it up with the sand and salty air.)

Following are some of my favorite pictures, but as you will see, they aren’t in focus.  But, that’s what I like about them!  Movement!  Action!

I told the boys to get together so I could take their picture just as a wave was approaching.  Oops!  I wasn’t quick enough.   They got swallowed up by the wave!

Here’s another attempt:

I can’t remember how I was shooting these pictures.  (I’m still learning how to change settings on the camera while it’s inside the case–it  works a little differently than usual.)  I think I had the camera set either on Aperture priority or possibly the “Beach” setting, which does all the thinking for you.  Either way, they came out blurred.

Oh well.

Here’s another blurred photo I liked:

Don’t ask me why, I just do.

(But, believe me, I didn’t keep all my blurred pictures.  I deleted all of them, except these three.)

Now, alas, I must leave you my little pretties, to return to my mountain of laundry….  I shall dream of the sound of waves crashing along the shore as the laundry tumbles and splashes…. my little beach vaycay is officially over.

(Oh, how I wish I could describe to you the stench that radiated from the bag of wet, sandy, dirty, mildew-y, laundry we brought home with us….  When I opened the bag of laundry, I almost found myself wishing for a rotting watermelon, instead…)

Happy Thursday!



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