I [heart] the beach!

ThrillCam and the boys and I enjoyed our mini vacation, down in Corpus Christi, this week.  It was a much needed couple of days for us to reconnect and hang out.

We (I use the term loosely) did a little fishing.

I don’t mind fishing, but it’s not my favorite thing to do.  My youngest said it perfectly, “I don’t like the fishing part.  I like the catching part.”  Me, too, oh, little wise one, me too.

ThrillCam loves the fishing part.

Me?  My favorite part of the fishing was the boat ride out to the fishing spot.

(I’m like our Yellow Lab when it comes to the ride.  I love being with my people, riding with the wind in my face!

Apparently, so does my youngest:)

What a goofball.

We, of course, played in the ocean…

…and on the shore.

I really love the ocean, even with the grit and the sandy, salty hair.  I love the constant motion and sound of the waves coming in and going out.  I even love those crazy seagulls!  If I could shave off all of my jiggly body parts, I’d live in a swimsuit, on the beach, all day, every day.  I would.  (It would be even better if I lived in the Caribbean or on an island in Mexico, or better, an island in the Pacific….)

I could earn my living braiding hair and making Pina Coladas.

In fact, I really want to go back.

Like, right now, today.  Let’s go.

Cuz’ I don’t want school to start!  I don’t want a routine, a schedule!  I don’t want to wake up early like normal, hard-working, responsible folks!  Who cares if my children get an education?  They’re smart enough.

Wait!  I could home school them on the beach!

They already know a little math and a little history.  I’ll round out their education by teaching them everything I know about photography and theatre arts!  What they don’t know about science, they can pick up on the Discovery Channel.

I’m off to pitch my plan to ThrillCam!  I just know he’ll love it!

Pack the bags, I’m going back to the beach, baby!!!



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