Ike Water Line

Well, gang, my photo, Ike Water Line…

didn’t win.

I knew it wouldn’t, but I knew it was the one I needed to enter into the contest, even if it was only to remind folks that Galveston is still in need of assistance in her rebuilding. (As I’m sure the same could be said of New Orleans, the Mississippi coast, or any other area hit hard by a hurricane.)

Here’s a link to Scott Kelby’s website; he’s the one who thought of and organized the World Wide Photo Walk. In his blog, he’s posted the Honorable Mentions and the Winning Photo. All of the photos are super and I can see why they were chosen.

I honestly can’t imagine how they chose a winner out of so many entrants, but that’s why they get paid the big bucks, I guess.

Anyway, hop over to Scott’s blog and check out the winning photo. (Look at Monday’s post.)

Have a super day!



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