If I could drink my shampoo…

…this would be the flavor I’d choose.

I stumbled upon this shampoo, one day, at the grocery store; I was in “the zone.”

You know, when you stand in one aisle, your eyes glaze over and you just stare at the products, while not really moving?

I had been working all day, my feet were tired, and I just couldn’t make a decision on which shampoo I wanted to purchase.

And, then, these bottles caught my eye.  I was immediately intrigued.

Then, I opened the bottle and smelled.

Mmmmmm…..coconut…..I was suddenly taken away to a distant and tropical locale….

I was caught up in thoughts of Pina Coladas and warm, sandy beaches.

In fact, I think I’m going to go take a shower right now….

Coconut! Take me away!!




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