Words with Friends

My family’s latest game addiction: Words with Friends.  Scrabble that can be played on your iPhone or computer.

I took these photos with my new little point and shoot while visiting my mom, over the summer.  (I like the blur on their faces, actually!)  You can’t tell, but each member of my family has a game of Words with Friends going at that moment.  And guess who they were playing against?


Are they talking to each other?  No.

Are they even looking at each other?  No.

They are staring at their phones/iTouch/computer, playing Words with each other.

Even my sister was playing them, but she was across the room.

In fact, it had gotten so bad, we all looked up and about 24 hours had passed.

No one had eaten.

No one had slept.

No one had bathed or brushed teeth.

No had spoken.

Only Words with Friends.

Okay, maybe it wasn’t 24 hours, but it was a long time, folks!  I left the Words with Friends Vortex to take pictures of cows and sunflowers and sunsets, etc.  I needed some fresh air.  (And besides, I was losing almost every game of Words I had going with my family members.)  Everyone else stayed in their spots, only moving to prevent chafing and bed sores from sitting in the same spot for hours on end….

Then, finally, someone in the group suggested the family play the real BOARD game of Scrabble.  I think it was Mimi.   Mimi is usually the one with the most common sense in this group.  She sensed our family was no longer connected, except through our prospective electronic devices.

After much moaning and complaining, the group individually removed themselves from their chairs to move into the kitchen for a friendly round of Scrabble.  (Of course, they would never say no to Mimi.  They love Mimi and want to make her happy!–they had no clue that Mimi was probably about to beat their socks off….)

Our youngest had never even seen a Scrabble board game, before!  (Have your kids?)

I do believe they group had a good time!  (Except for my sister–look at her horrible letters! 2 i’s, 2 a’s, an f, w, & o…yuck!)

Upon further inspection of the above photo, I noticed something, though.

Check out what my sister, husband, and youngest have sitting next to them while playing the board game!

I’m calling the 800 number for WwF Addicts, today!  This has gotten out of hand!


P.S. Let me know if you want to play a round of Words with me!  I can stop anytime, unlike my family members.  Really.  I can.  Call me!




  1. Heather

    We love Scrabble! As a matter of fact we were just playing it this weekend!
    I am a mean mom and make the kids play real games with real boards. I have this strange theory that if you can’t pay for a phone then you can’t have one.

  2. Robin

    OMG. On vacation this drove me crazy. My sister and her husband, this is all they did… I cannot be a part of it LOL It’s SO Addictive.. LOL I can’t believe you guys were sitting there like that too.. HAHAHA. I wish I’d invented that game…


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