Long time, no see….

Hello?  tap. tap. Anyone?  Anyone?  Bueller?

I have failed Blogging 101.  I believe the first rule to blogging is to be somewhat consistent.  To write something every couple of days, if not every day.

I haven’t written in over TWO WEEKS!!!

I know you don’t care, but I do.  I’ve missed you.

So, without further ado, here’s my last two weeks in a nutshell–it should explain everything:

1.  School started. That, in and of itself, should excuse me of any wrong doings.  But, other moms are able to cope and carry on once school starts.  They get things done…like writing a simple blog post. Some even rejoice in the freedom that comes with children riding away on the big yellow bus each morning.   Not me.  I didn’t really get to celebrate the new-found quiet of the house or even curl up in the fetal position and cry because I now have one son getting closer and closer to flying the coup, while the younger one, my baby, is huge, and tall, and stinky, and is now in junior high.

Nope.  No crying for me.  Nor jubilation.

Just work.  No blogging.

Yes, I had to join the other working mothers of the world who take on the first day of school, much like any other day.  They already get up early.  They already pack lunch(es).  Everyday.  They never even get a summer break.

(I work part-time as a substitute teacher in our school district, and I was asked to work the first full week of school.)

I’m such a wimp, though.  Honestly.  I’d get home from working all day and the thought of walking up the stairs to do something, anything, on the computer was exhausting to me.  Thinking was exhausting.

I am in awe of working women who have children at home.  You Rock! And the next time I take an extended sub job, I’m calling y’all.  Because it never fails that the first two weeks of working outside the house just about kills me.  And my family.  When we finally fall into a routine, inevitably the sub job ends.  I will reach out and ask for help next time.  I promise.

I’ve recovered, though, and am ready to sub again.  Next year.

2.  High School Football Season started!

That means I am back on the sidelines!

I love, love, love taking action shots.

Almost as much as I love taking Senior Portraits….both are exciting for very different reasons.

3.  Visited my mom.

She is doing really well, thank the Lord.  She’s finished up her third round of chemo and has had a fairly “easy” go of it.  (This, coming from someone who is not having to take chemo.  Or deal with the loss of her hair.  Or take large doses of antibiotics because an allergy to the dye they use in CT Scans.)

In fact, she told me the other day, “I’m enjoying poor health.”  We both laughed.

More on cotton later.  Has nothing to do with my mother.  Or lung cancer.

4.  College football season has started!

Specifically, Baylor Bear football.

Now, I don’t know about you, but we Bears have a lot to look forward to this year.  We have reason to believe we may be moving back into the glory days!

(We, like the wandering Jews in the desert, are hoping and praying our quarterback, RG3–Robert Griffin III, for those of you NOT in the know–may be our pigskin-Moses leading us to the land of milk and honey….a bowl game!!!)

But, we shan’t count our chickens before they hatch.

5.  Cows.

I have absolutely no idea how cows have kept me so busy I haven’t been able to blog, but they have.  I’m sure of it.

Okay, maybe not.  But, I wanted to show you some cows.

When visiting my mom, I almost always take at least one picture of a cow.  I love them.  I dream of the day when I can live on some land wide enough to hold a horse to ride, a pet cow (it could happen!), a couple goats and maybe even some chickens.  And lots of dogs.

Of course, I want some neighbors close by, as well.

And a Starbucks.

And a Target.

So.  Maybe this explains why I’ve been so absent…minded.  I’m sorry I was gone for so long.  I’m sure I missed you more than you missed me.

But, maybe, just maybe, your heart grew fonder?





  1. Sherri

    Elizabeth, I know what you mean. Now that I haven’t been working for these two school years, I cannot even imagine how I ever did it! If I had to go back to work full-time now and still get the kids to school and homework done and laundry finished and baseball practice, etc…. There’s no way. It was a VERY stressful life. It is definitely a blessing not having to rush off to work each morning, and not having to rush through life in general. Another thing I can thank God for 🙂 And I have missed you!

  2. Heather

    Glad to hear your Mom is doing well. I have been keeping you guys in my prayers.
    As for the whole Work/School thing I know what you mean! I added 2 more days to my work schedule and it is just about doing me in! And I am only working from 8-2!! I don’t think I could make it working full time!

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