I’ve been to New York a couple of times since 9/11 and each time I have been moved by the absence of the two huge Twin Towers.  The stories.  The memories.

ThrillCam and I have also seen the then projected plans for what was called, The Freedom Tower.  I believe it has been changed to One World Trade Center??

I would like to go back, now, to see the progress.

And to eat at Stage Deli, but that has nothing to do with 9/11.  That just has to do with my stomach…my ever-growing stomach.

Much like any other catastrophic and life-changing event, one can always remember where they were the moment it happened.

Looking back over the years, I remember vividly the shooting of Ronald Reagan, the Challenger explosion, the Oklahoma bombing, 9/11, the Columbia shuttle, The Branch Davidian shoot-out, Columbine, Hurricane Rita, or”RitaJam” as I call it (when Houston was in gridlock for 2 solid days and the hurricane didn’t even hit Houston); Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ike (okay, every hurricane hitting anywhere close to La. and/or Tx.)…. I’m know my list is lacking, but those are just some of the big events that come to mind, at the moment, for me.

I recall sitting in my upstairs playroom, utterly speechless as I stared at the tv, watching the events unfold that day…watching the towers crumble to the ground….  It was so surreal.  Unreal.

And, because we lived even closer to NASA than we do presently, our schools immediately went into lockdown.  Friends of mine were flocking to their children’s schools to bring them home.  I eventually picked up our oldest son and tried to gently explain what was happening in our world that day.  The bombs he understood.  The why, he couldn’t.  No one could.

No one can.

Where were you the moment that plane hit the first Tower?  Then the second?  Were you numb by the time the third plane hit the Pentagon?  Or, finally, when the fourth crashed in Pennsylvania?

If I think about it too much, I find myself back in that place of disbelief and despair.

But, I always choose not to dwell just on the horror of that day.  I also choose to remember how the people of NYC, and the world, rallied and gave and served and loved in a way that was so very, very Christ-like.

So, please join me in remembering.

And honoring.

And thanking.

And praying.



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