My New Theory

As I’ve mentioned, I now have a new 4-door Jeep, which I like very much.

It’s a stick shift. Which means, when I’m driving, the ride is a little on the rough side.

Riding in a Jeep Wrangler automatically means the ride will be stiff. But, you add in Elizabeth-trying-to-shift-and-put-on-mascara-and-eat-onion-rings and the ride quickly goes down hill.

Actually, I don’t drive and put on my make-up, for the sake of all other drivers in my vicinity. Eating onion rings is whole other story…

Noooo, to be honest, I don’t really do much of anything else, other than drive, now.   It’s too hard!

I simply can’t think and drive and shift and eat and shift and dial and shift and talk and shift, etc., all at the same time.  I do not possess the coordination to accomplish all of that at once.

You would not believe how few phone calls I make from my vehicle anymore.

I have always loved using my ear piece with the mic to make calls, hands-free, in the car, but now that I drive a standard, I have to plan ahead to make calls, even hands-free.

Why plan ahead?

Because it’s hard to plug the headphones into my phone, put the ear pieces in my ears, slide open my phone, look up who I’m calling, and dial (even with speed dial) the person I’m calling, all while pressing in the clutch with my left foot, letting off, and then on, the gas with my right, shifting gears with my right hand, and steering with my left hand.

How in the world did I do just the phone calling when I was driving an automatic?!?  It’s crazy, now that I think about it!

So, the other day I had the pleasure of having coffee with my friend Stephanie. I was telling her how different it is to drive a stick shift versus automatic. After our discussion, we came to the conclusion that all children aged 15 through about 26 should be driving (or at least starting out in) a standard shift vehicle.

We believe it would totally cut into the whole texting and driving problem that is taking over our streets.

And if I’m any indication as to phone calling, that would drop considerably as well! Or, it would, at the very least, force all car makers to add the blue tooth capabilities to their cars (which I think most have, by now).

My Jeep has blue tooth, but you must subscribe (pay for) to the stinkin’ program before you can use it. …makes me angry. As my youngest so eloquently said, “You just spent a bunch of money on this car, why isn’t that part free?”
From the mouths of babes….

Are you listening, Jeep?

I can remember when I was young my friend’s dad showed me/us how to shift gears on the side, not on the floor.  Now, that was hard!!  The numbers weren’t marked on the gear shifter, nor was it on the floor, it was up on the steering column–you just had to know where each gear was located.  Now, I’m not advocating that.  We’d all be driving 1964 Ford pick-up trucks, if that were the case.

I don’t know….

Maybe because I’m so very close to letting loose, on the road, in his own vehicle, one of the most precious gifts that God has given me, I’m thinking more and more how to make the roads a little safer.  And since I can’t continue driving my 16 year old around until he’s 30, I figure I can make it a little harder for him to talk and speed and text and eat and all the other things that can create distraction from the job at hand, by forcing him to keep both hands busy shifting gears….

It’s just a theory.  But, I’m stickin’ to it.

Now, how do I solve the nagging question of how to lose weight while I sleep?

Once I get that one answered, I’ll have it all figured out.



All pics taken with phone camera.


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