Are you ready for some football?!

I know, I know, football season started a few weeks back….

I love football season! I love football. But, not in the same way my husband loves football.

He loves the athleticism, violence and competition. (I like those, too, to a degree.) But, I get caught up in more than just the game on the field.

In fact, I usually have to ask ThrillCam what happened in the game, because, even though I’m up close, on the sidelines, I’m watching for the picture, not necessarily the play, if that makes sense. (In other words, I know, obviously, if our team scores a touchdown, but I, personally, can’t get caught up in the jubilation; I must stay focused on photographing the events as they unfold. I am immediately looking to capture a picture of how the players, coaches, and even the fans, are reacting.)

Even when I attend college games and am forced to sit in a stadium seat to watch, I don’t focus solely on the field. I tend to look around. My mind wonders, sometimes.

Because I love watching the people. They are fascinating.

Don’t forget the cheerleaders, the band, the sounds, the colors…. Oh! and the concessions!! (not so much at high school games, but certainly at college games!)

Now that I have to opportunity to shot Sports Photography, I am finding more things to love about football. Especially high school football.

[Texas] High school football is just plain fun.

The boys are raw and emotional. And, they play with such heart.

I absolutely LOVE being on the sidelines with these boys.

It doesn’t hurt that our team is having its second winning season!

In fact, the Chargers were just newly ranked 9th in the state!!!

Congratulations, Chargers!

There’s just nothing like Texas high school football. Nothing.

See you on the field this weekend!


P.S. If you plan to right-click and copy any of the pictures (which, technically you aren’t supposed to because they are copyrighted and are my property, but in this case, I don’t mind), please just don’t remove my watermark. At least give me some credit for capturing the shots. Thanks!!


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