Fletcher’s Corny Dogs

Okay.  I know.  It’s a corny dog.  What’s the big deal, right?

Well, for your information, Fletcher’s Corny Dogs are a Texas tradition.  A State Fair of Texas tradition.  (It’s claimed that the two Fletcher brothers invented the corny dog and sold it at the Fair.)

Ohmygoodnessgracious, boy are they good!!!

The Fletchers only sell their corny dogs at the State Fair.  You cannot get them anywhere else at any other time.  (I stand corrected: you can purchase a Fletcher’s Corny Dog at Texas Motor Speedway and an occasional Texas festival throughout the year.)

But, I’m telling you…they are so delicious.  I wish, so badly, I had one right here, right now.  For the love of Pete, I wish I had one.

The Fletcher folks make the corny dogs right then and there, when you order one…or two…or seventeen.

No matter how many you order, they are made hot and fresh right in front of your very own eyes.

You can put ketchup or mustard on ’em.  (I’m a mustard girl.)

Or, you can just eat ’em naked.

You know what I mean…

Although, I would risk being arrested if I could eat one naked, with mustard.  They’re that good.

So, I beg of you.  Plead with you.  Get thee to the State Fair of Texas and partake of one of the best tasting food items you’ll ever put in your mouth.




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