Remember these??

My sister and I grew up calling this toy, “Click-Clacks.”  They would “click” as you knocked them together; two pendulums meeting in the middle, with a loud “click.”   Then, if you swung them just right, with enough force, they would swing up and “clack” as they connected at the top.

“Click.  Click.  Click.  Click-Clack!”

If you were really good at it, you could make them “click-clack” numerous times.

I can get one good “click-clack,” but that’s about it.  My youngest, on the other hand, can make them bang back and forth multiple times.  Loudly.  And constantly.  He’s very good at it.

Too good, honestly.

A lady at the State Fair of Texas stopped me and recalled her own fond childhood memories of the toy.  She called them, “Ka-Nockers.”

It doesn’t matter what you call them.  “Click-Clacks” or “Ka-Nockers…” either way, they’re F-U-N!



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