I did not take one single picture while visiting family for Thanksgiving.  My youngest made more than one comment on the fact that his mama never picked up her camera.

I must be honest; for some odd reason, I didn’t want to take pictures.

Not this Thanksgiving.

Actually, I didn’t do much of anything over the Thanksgiving holidays.

Wait, I take that back.  I ate.  A lot.

Beyond the gorging on the turkey and dressing, I did as little as possible.

But, during the inactivity and turkey-induced slumber, I was reminded to be thankful.

When ThrillCam said the prayer at my mom’s house before our Thanksgiving meal, he made sure to thank God for the very fact that my mom was with us, that her health has been seemingly great, considering her body is waging a war inside.

When a family member or friend is facing such amazing obstacles, it causes one to consider the fragility of life.

And, the preciousness.

So, no, I didn’t take any pictures.   Not this Thanksgiving.

I think, maybe, I needed to take better mental pictures, rather than rely on digital pixels.

Take a moment just to think about–create a mental picture of–the people who surrounded you over Thanksgiving.   Go on, you can do it; it wasn’t that long ago!  Now, thank God for each of them…even the ones you aren’t especially keen on.   Lock the good, loving memories into your mental photo album and cherish it forever.

And, now, make a promise to yourself to take pictures at Christmas.

“I thank God upon every remembrance of you.” Phil. 1:3




  1. Brooke

    We all need breaks sometimes. My friends hound me when I’m not taking pictures now too… sometimes I’m just not in the mood. Besides, how am I supposed to eat 5 sugar cookies if I’m taking pictures? Hello?

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