It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas…Not.

Do you love the snow?  Fun, huh?

It’s my attempt to make it look and feel more like the holidays.

You see, it’s very, very hard for me, this year, to even believe we are in the last month of 2010.  It’s even harder for me to believe we are done with Halloween and Thanksgiving, and barreling, at warp speed, toward Christmas.

Can you tell I’m not ready?  That’s not like me.  I mean, I am usually blaring my Christmas music, much to the dismay of my boys, the moment we back out of my in-laws’ driveway after stuffing our gullets with hoards of turkey and dressing.

Not this year.

Last year, we had our Christmas decorations up BEFORE Thanksgiving!

Not this year.

I think my acute sense of Bah Humbug-ness all stems from the fact that I missed the entire month of October.  Not literally, but certainly psychologically.  And, then I was shocked to look up and realize two-thirds of November was gone.

If I recall, I had a number of family photo sessions in October.   The goal was to have pictures ready for ordering Christmas cards.

I was consumed with getting those done, but immediately after the sessions, I turned my attention to packing and preparing for Jordan.

I honestly never stopped to consider that the entire month of October had gone by.  Then, almost in an instant, we boarded a plane on Halloween night, and, for two weeks, we lived out of a suitcase in a very foreign country.  I never even saw my youngest son’s costume…I didn’t spend time with my neighbors, in the cul-de-sac, passing out candy…I purchased zero candy.  No, I don’t mean I purchased the chocolate candy called Zero, but I purchased the quantity of zero, nada, zilch, none…zero.   I never put out a pumpkin or any Fall decorations.  I never made one pot of Pumpkin Soup…

It was as if school started in August, I photographed a few football games, took some pictures of some families and a couple high school Seniors, went away to stuff my body with loads of hummus, moutabel, and lamb, rode some camels, took some more family photos, and then, POOF!, it was the week of Thanksgiving.

Now, it’s the first week of December!!!  That’s just not right, is it??  I mean, really, someone is pulling my leg…it’s only April, or maybe June…right?  Right?


Okay.  If it must be, then it must be.  I will accept that it is December of 2010…almost year 2011.

I will begin blaring my Christmas music daily, turning it up even more when the boys walk by, rolling their eyes and saying, “Really, Mom?  Do we have to listen to that?”   “YES!!” I will scream.  “And you will like it!!!! …Punks.”

I vow to watch White Christmas (my all-time favorite Christmas movie), followed by The Grinch Who Stole Christmas (my second all-time favorite).

On second thought, maybe I should watch Grinch tomorrow…


If you have any tips on how to get me caught up in the holiday spirit, please pass it along to me.  I obviously need help this year.




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