I guess it was inevitable…

We told our son when he bought his truck, it was not going to be a matter of if, but when he would have his first wreck.


It happened one wet morning on his way to school.  A large diesel pickup changed lanes very quickly, with no warning or signal.  My son was unable to see that the traffic ahead was at a dead stop.


So, when the pickup moved out of his lane, my son tried to stop quickly, but, instead, found himself hydroplaning.  It all happened very quickly, and my son says he just barely missed avoiding the Jeep in front of him.


You can see he did a nice little number on his own truck.



Of course, he chose to have his first fender-bender while we were out of the country.


Lovely, huh?


Nothing like getting a text message saying, something to the effect of, “Everything okay, but please call asap.  Your son was in a wreck.”



Our neighbors, bless their hearts, had to deal with the stress of it all.  Poor things.


One neighbor, Tammy, was the first to arrive on the scene of the accident.  She just happened to be driving to the high school by a completely different route that day.  Had she not been, she never would have seen my son on the side of the road.  She never would have been able to console him or even gather his personal possessions from his wrecked truck.  Tammy was vital in getting in touch with my mom, as well as a couple of my other friends–she let them know my son was okay, and I can bet you 10 bucks she had a few folks praying for him.


For the record, I do not believe in luck or mere chance; I believe things happen for a reason.  My son needed his mama at the moment of impact and I wasn’t available.  I’m so thankful Tammy showed up just in the nick of time–she was the next best thing to his real mom.



Not long after the wreck, another neighbor of ours, named Beverly, became an important player, as well.  She was the one who really cared for my son’s physical well-being.  She made sure he was seen by someone in the medical field, just to rule out a concussion or even worse.


She also was the one to break the news to us, while we were traveling home from Jordan, that our son had had a fender bender.  Phone connections were spotty for a number of hours, while we tried to communicate in-between flights.


Beverly worries that my teenaged son hates her after all the drama and stress of the day, but he doesn’t hate her.  He appreciates–somewhere really deep down inside–the love and care shown to and for him.  Of course, he said he was just fine and didn’t need all those women fussing over him.  But, he did.  He just doesn’t know it yet.


I know it, though.  And I’m so thankful for friends who care about the welfare of my children, just as they care for their own.


I mean, does he really think his own mama wouldn’t have acted in the same manner?



I am just grateful to God that it was not worse than it was.  My son was, and is, just fine.  The girl in the Jeep was just fine.  My son’s truck’s frame and engine were not damaged, which meant it was mostly exterior damage.  Fixable exterior damage.


In fact, ThrillCam did all of the repairs (excluding a bit of welding work)!  We think the truck is in better shape after the wreck.


It’s not painted, yet, but when that gets done, I’ll show you the finished product.


Hug your babies tight.








    • Elizabeth Simmons

      That’s about the same timing of my son’s wreck! Hopefully, he will follow suit and not have any more from this point forward….

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