Deep Thoughts

1.  I was out shopping, yesterday, and had to drive in close proximity to the Mall.  The Mall traffic made me angry, but not in a road rage way, just in a Bah Humbug way.

2.  I have laundry to do.  Always.  Laundry makes me angry, too.

3.  My youngest son is a walking musical.

4.  He walks and sings, constantly.

5.  He makes me happy.

6.  Most of the time.

7.  I got my hair cut, yesterday.  I had Debbie take off 4 or 5 inches!  My hair is now short and sassy, like me.

8.  (Actually, I’m not short, nor am I sassy; I’m tall and I wiggle and jiggle when I walk.  Wiggle and jiggle didn’t sound as cute as short and sassy.)

9.  I am not done with my Christmas shopping.

10. I have not finished decorating my house for Christmas, yet, either.  I believe I will get it finished on January 16th.  2011.

11.  My dog, Bear, is such a sweet, goofy, rough-and-tumble dog.  I love that crazy, needy dog.  His breath stinks, though.

12.  One of my nieces is getting Anne of Green Gables for Christmas, this year.  I think that should be required reading for every female on earth.  AND, they should read it annually.

13.  Anne of Green Gables makes me very happy.

14.  Maybe I should go read it right now.

15.  I watched White Christmas the other night.  I love that movie.  It also makes me happy.

16.  I’m craving some really yummy Middle Eastern food.  Or maybe Mediterranean.

17.  Wait.  Maybe just cream cheese.  Yes, I’m craving cream cheese.

18.  We’re having our annual Christmas Open House and Hayride this weekend.  My house is a pit.  And, it’s not decorated for the holidays.

19.  Not having my house clean or decorated kind of makes me feel like I’m back in Mall traffic.

20.  Bah.


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