Presents and Ideas…

I recently had another birthday and was given some lovely gifts, so I thought I’d show them to you.

My youngest punk spent his very own money on these “pearl” earrings, and I love them.

Pearls really aren’t usually my style, but because my son gave them to me, I love ’em.

Guess who else gave me some pearls for my birthday?

No, not ThrillCam.

My sister!  She gave me that beautiful pearl bracelet.  And, I love it, too!

You’ve seen the big, huge watch I bought with my birthday money, but you didn’t really get to see the pretty scarf my mom gave me along with the birthday money…

It’s soft and yummy.

And it was handmade.  Not by her.  She’s not a knitter.  In fact, she’s not much on the crafty side…

My mother has many other wonderful qualities, but knitting is not one of them.

These gifts were birthday presents, but maybe they will inspire you, if you are still doing some last-minute shopping for Christmas.

Might I also suggest, if you have a photographer in your life, some ideas that can be had without any shipping or shopping malls involved?

If your photographer/videographer/techie person in your life is anything like me, he/she is always looking for ways to improve upon their skills.   You might consider some of the following : Scott Kelby’s training site offers a month of training videos for $24.95.  You could sign your loved one up for a month or more. This is similar to Kelby Training–it also offers a monthly or yearly subscription to a myriad of videos and tutorials.

What about a subscription to a photography magazine?

(Professional Photographer is a new favorite of mine.)  You can go to Barnes and Noble or Borders and pick up a copy of any photography magazine, take out the subscription tab (fill out subscription and mail it in), roll up the magazine, wrap it, and give it as a gift.  Perfect!

Photography Classes/Workshops, etc.  Below is a list of links to classes offered: Bring The Heat   It’s a photography workshop held in San Antonio, Texas, on January 16, 17, and/or 18th  Some REALLY big name photographers are teaching/mentoring.  Not cheap, but the gift-receiver will be eternally grateful, I’m sure. Texas School of Professional Photography  They are holding their annual week-long school in May 2011.  Registration opens in a few days.  Big, huge names/teachers/mentors/classes.  Also not cheap, but it’s a week-long.  I wish someone would give this to me, but it won’t happen this year, sadly.  If you or someone you know actually attends, please have them write me about their experiences…I will be jealous, for sure. Brazos Valley Professional Photographers Association  They have invited Wedding Photographer Extraordinaire (my title), Jasmine Star, to speak in College Station, Texas on January 24th, 2011.  You can go to their website for all the info.  Jasmine says she’ll be really excited if you wear your cowboy boots–she’s a California gal….  I wish I could attend this affair, but I will be happily at home celebrating ThrillCam’s birthday!

Your local photography club or favorite camera shop (not Walgreens/CVS) can give you great leads on workshops in your area.

Hope that helps a little.



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