It’s been a Happy New Year, so far!

Today, I had BBQ for the first time this year! It was tasty. My tasty meal was followed by a small bowl of ice cream. This, too, was a first for 2011.

In fact, I’ve had a lot of firsts for 2011:

I’ve swept my kitchen floor. It needed it. It hadn’t been swept since 2010. That’s a lot of dog hair….

I put on makeup. That’s right. I wore nary a stitch of makeup during the whole first day of twenty-eleven. (In fact, I’m thinking 2011 should be the year for no makeup or bras. What do you say, girls? Are you in? No? Okay.)

My youngest son finally took a shower this year! It was about time; he hadn’t bathed since last year. That’s bad. (No bets as to how long he will go this year before taking another shower.)

The last time I picked up my camera was, you guessed it, last year! It’s been way too long.
(Hey, by the way, I’m going to attempt to jump in with a blogging buddy, Shutterboo, on her weekly photography challenge. You should too! Even if all you have is a point and shoot, you should try it.)

I called my mother. If you haven’t spoken with your mother since last year, then it’s about time you pick up the phone! Go! Now!

I threw away my Topsy-Turvy. (Pause for a moment of silence.)
It was past due; the dang thing didn’t produce a single tomato all last year!! Dumb, stupid Topsy-Turvy.

If I choose to make one Resolution for 2011, it will be to never, ever purchase another Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planter. Ever. Not during twenty-eleven, not ever. Goodbye Topsy-Turvy Tomato Planter, forever.

(But, I might, just might, give the Topsy-Turvy Hummingbird Planter, or the Topsy-Turvy Strawberry Planter a try. You never know…after all, 2011 is a new year, with new promises…)

So, what have you been up this year?

Happy New Year!


One comment

  1. Brooke

    Speaking of firsts, I should really have my first bowl of ice cream too. I’m happy you’re going to play along! There’s already loads of people in the flickr group – I think it’s going to be a great group of folks! Happy New Year!

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