Dead Sea, part 2

If you recall, ThrillCam and I traveled to Jordan, last November. One of
the places we visited was the Dead Sea.

The high salinity and the way-below sea level location combine to make it one of the oddest, yet most fascinating places on earth.

The water laps up on the rocky shoreline and as it evaporates, it leaves
layers of salt. The rocks don’t look salty, though.
They look frosty, icy.

I’m writing this while away from my home computer, so I don’t have all of my photos
to choose from, but I wish I could show you how pretty the
shoreline looks from a distance. The water is a pretty blue
and all along the shore is a line of white salt. It makes for
a nice contrast. (Maybe I’ll be able to upload some of the other
photos to show you, next week or so.)

It sure is cool to look at, up close. …and float in/on. …and take pictures of.

How about a tip for your next visit to the Dead Sea?: Do not get Dead Sea
water in your mouth. It tastes horrible. It’s not overly
salty, like you’d think, but more acidic or metalic…I’m not
really sure how to describe it. Maybe it’s the high level of
minerals in the water that makes it taste so bad, I don’t
know. But, what I do know, it may be good for the outside
of your skin, but it sure isn’t good for the inside of your
mouth! Be forewarned: your tastebuds will disown you.

More soon,



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