When in Rome… Dead Sea, Part 3


When ThrillCam and I were in Jordan, back in November, we had a stop-over at a resort located on the shoreline of the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is captivating, but for odd reasons.  Its salt level is too high for anything to live in it, and yet, it is known for its therapeutic properties.  People love the salt and minerals for their body and soul.

While there, ThrillCam and I went down to the shore to take a dip, and see if we could shave a few years off the ol’ chassis.

While floating in the water, we noticed on the shore there were a couple of large pots full of mud.

Apparently, the idea is, you take a quick dip in the water, then you carefully climb over the rocks, back onto shore, then you slather yourself with the mud, head to toe.

We watched, intently, for about 15 minutes as different individuals would walk over to the pot, grab a glob, and cake it on, like contestants preparing for mud wrestling.

ThrillCam and I are not ones to shy away from a challenge.  We looked at one another and said, “When in Rome…”

So, yes, we took handsful of mud and slapped it all over our bodies.  Then, we each sat on a rock and allowed the sun to bake us a bit, until the mud became hard and itchy.

What wasn’t covered by a swimsuit or those cute little Jelly shoes, was covered in thick, silky mud.  We were a sight to see, I’m sure.  Here’s the kicker, though: I was unable to document this lovely look, due to the fact that I was not going to ruin my camera with mud.  (Thankfully, our children will not have pictures to blackmail us with one day.)  Besides, I was too busy taking in my spa treatment to worry about how I looked or whether to take pictures.

Then, we slowly inched our way back into the chilly, mineral- and salt-saturated water to rinse ourselves off.

It really did make my skin feel different.  And, I’m sure we now look 10 years younger due to spending a good 30 minutes in the Dead Sea mud and water.

If only the Dead Sea had been good at reducing cellulite….



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