A Big Hunk O’ Love

If you are fortunate enough to have parents who still live in the same house you grew up in, then you know the joy of going home.

Going back home brings back a lot of memories.

When I go upstairs to my old bedroom, it’s like I walk into a time zone; with the exception of some new curtains and  2 new twin bedspreads, my room hasn’t changed much since the day I moved out in the Fall of 1985.

My mom hasn’t thrown any of my stuff out.  She’s left all my keepsakes and mementos, from elementary on, basically in the same place I left them, lo, those many years ago.

So, when I recently went home to visit my mom, I decided to clean out my closet and some of my dresser drawers.  It was time.

Unfortunately, I am about to drag you along down my own personal memory lane as I reveal some of my favorite things from my childhood and teenaged years….

I had forgotten about some items…

…like my stylish, plastic sunglasses, purchased in Memphis, while visiting Elvis Presley’s Graceland.  My family stopped by Graceland, during my freshman year in college, when the Baylor Bears played LSU in the Liberty Bowl.

I must admit I found Graceland, and all that comes with it, a bit garish and over-the-top.  Then again, that was Elvis, garish and over-the-top, especially in his later years.

But, I had, HAD to purchase the sunglasses.  I remember feeling, “It’s Now or Never.”

How could I not?

But because of my complaining that Elvis was too flashy for my tastes, my family decided for the following Christmas that they needed to shower me with Elvis paraphernalia.

My family tends to do that, you know.

They take a joke and run it into the ground.  I often wish I could “Return to Sender” the silly joke gifts, but if I had, I wouldn’t be able to show you these items, today.

Once I had stumbled upon the sunglasses, I vaguely remembered an Elvis gift my sister had given me…

Sure enough, it was still there!

I don’t believe I ever used the shampoo. Ever.

What’s that you say?

Don’t be hatin’…

Or, should I say, “Don’t be Cruel?”

(Jealousy does not become you.)

I know you wish you, too, could have my Elvis sunglasses and shampoo duo.

You have a “Burnin’ Love” for them, no?

“Can’t Help Fallin’ in Love,” can you?

At the risk of being “A Hard Headed Woman,” I refuse to part with them.

Sorry.  You’ll just have to check yourself into the “Heartbreak Hotel…”

Because, every “Now and Then, There’s  a Fool Such as I,”




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