Future PUNKS

You probably don’t understand why I go on and on, each year, about this seemingly silly football game pitting the young against the old.

But, this has become more than just a friendly neighborhood football game.

It is now a tradition that is looked forward to each and every year, by the young and old alike.

But, not more than by these little guys…

Look at those little faces….  That was three years ago.

I just can’t stand it.  WAAAAAHHHHHHHHH….. he’s no longer a baby!!!!

These little squirts have been waiting, patiently, to become the next installment of PUNKS.

Every year, following the HUNKS VS PUNKS game, they get on the field and play their own game of two-below.

Like father…

Like son…

And every year, one of the HUNKS or older PUNKS stays behind to play with the squirts.

One more year, guys…then, it will be your turn!

No more standing on the sidelines, waiting, dreaming…

When that happens, we will witness a true coming-of-age moment…

Does anyone have some Prozac I could borrow?



One comment

  1. Stan

    Simply awsome… you bring so much life to our neighborhood. Thanks for documenting this special little thing we do together as a community. By the way, this year the lil’ ones play right before our game so they can get some attention. Their game is called, are you ready for this…. The Skunks vs. The Phunks. I love it.

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