Beef Mine…

I’m away from my Peanut M & M-lovin’ ThrillCam, today, which makes me very, very sad. But, he promised me we would celebrate Valentine’s Day properly, when I get back home to him…hopefully in a few days.

If I’m going to have to miss being with my sweetheart on Valentine’s Day, I can at least console myself with this:

Heart-shaped Meat.

My longtime friend, Kent P., found this at his local grocery store, yesterday.

Obviously, this is a very clever and romantic idea, but I’m afraid the butcher stopped short of making this a brilliant Valentine’s marketing plan.

I told Kent I felt the butcher should have added short sayings on the front of the steaks, like the little candies we used get on Valentine’s Day.


  • Beef Mine
  • Heart Attack!
  • Grill, You’re Hot
  • Hunk O’ Burnin’ Love
  • Let’s Meat Soon
  • Mooove Closer
  • Rib-Eye-Love-You
  • You’re the Grill for Me
  • I Meat You (Kent’s original)
  • You Had Me at Mooooo
  • Ur So Beefy
  • Packin’ Meat
  • Ur Well Done
  • Chuck Him, Pick Meat
  • You Spin Me Ground-Round
  • Ur A Sizzler
  • You Com-Beef Me

(I draw the line at “loin” jokes. This is a family-friendly blog.)

And, as Kent suggested, the next step should be to sell Bunny-shaped Ham products for Easter.

  • Play it Again, Ham
  • I Pig You
  • Be My Sweethog
  • Ur Hog Stuff

Oh, nevermind.

Happy Valentine’s Day, y’all,




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    • Elizabeth Simmons

      Thank you for asking and not just taking the photo! I really appreciate that so much.
      Sadly, I’m not at liberty to approve or disapprove the use of the picture because a friend took the picture–I asked him for permission before using it on my blog. I will ask him if he’s okay with your posting it on FB.
      Thanks, again, for asking first!

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