Lyrics gone wild.

Did you ever have a K-Tel record while growing up? 

The other night, a former upperclassman from my college days,  posted a question on her FB page, asking how seriously her friends had botched the words/lyrics to songs.   She was curious if others sang the wrong words to songs.

Martha’s example was definitely my favorite.  She posted her version of “Hot Stuff” by Donna Summer:

I want some Pasta, baby, this evening. 

I need some Pasta, baby, tonight.

Looking for some Pasta, baby, this evening

Gotta have your Pasta, gotta have your love tonight… 

Does that not just crack you up?? I will now sing that every time I have a craving for Olive Garden, or the likes.

(I personally think she should send it in to Kraft or some other food company for them to use as the jingle for a commercial…assuming Donna Summer would allow it.  If that happens, I want a cut out of the deal.)

Do you remember the old Glen Campbell song, “Country Boy (You’ve got your feet in L.A.)?”  Growing up, we would listen to country music and I recall that song was a favorite of mine.   Although, I apparently also felt Glen Campbell should have sung the song a different way:

Boy, you’ve got your feet in a lake, but your mind’s on Tennessee…


I never questioned why the boy was standing in a lake and dreaming of Tennessee…  Sadly, it sounded logical to me.

Check out some of Martha’s friends’ responses to her question.  See if you can figure out the original song:

  • “Dirty Deeds and the Thunder Cheeks…” 

 (from AC/DC–“Dirty deeds and they’re done dirt cheap…”)

  • “Secret Asian man, Secret Asian man…”

(from Johnny Rivers– “Secret Agent Man”–my sister offered that one)

  • “I see a window and I want to peanut black…”

(Rolling Stones–“I see a red door and I want it painted black…” from “Paint it Black”)

Then, another friend of Martha’s wrote a whole list of lyric mishaps:

Gloria Estefan’s “Coming out of the Dark” became “I got mugged in a park…”

Ronnie Milsap’s “What a Difference You’ve Made in my Life” became “What a difference you made in my wife…”

Steve Miller Band’s “Fly Like and Eagle” became “Bark Like a Beagle…”

And, the Beach Boys’ “Barbara Ann” became “Bubba Ran…”

It’s so funny to me that we never stop to consider how ridiculous the words sound; we just keep singing them at the top of our lungs.  Well, I do, anyway.

What are some song lyrics you’ve botched?  And, how did you find out you were singing the wrong words? 

Please leave me a comment, and make sure to check back to see what others wrote. 

Make someone smile today,




  1. Bill Walker

    My wife has this one: There was a DJ named Jim Wood during the years the Beatles were popular. So it is not too surprising that she thought the lyrics to one of their songs was “Isn’t it good knowing Jim Wood?” If the reference puzzles you, the song title was actually “Norwegian Wood.” In my earlier days of Rock and Roll there was a song by Jackie Wilson called “Lonely Teardrops.” I wondered why he would sing “Just sail your wheel, sail your wheel.” It turns out the line was “Just say you will.”

  2. Karen Banister

    These are courtesy of my sweet little momma!!!! I have laughed as hard thinking of these over the years as the first day I heard them!!! Gotta love it!!!!

    “Four legged Woman” instead of “More than a Woman”. . .BeeGee’s!!!

    “I’ll never be a big suburban. . . .I walked for miles my fee are hurtin'”. . . . .Beast of Burden by the Rolling Stones!!

    : ) Karen

  3. mac

    Our family favorite is “Brown Eyed Squirrel”(Brown Eyed Girl). Even my babies sing along when it comes on the radio! They don’t even know its not the right words!

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