Two Bits! Four Bits!

As you know, I was a cheerleader, back in the day.

I loved it.

But, it wasn’t cheerleading like we see these days.

I cheered at my high school, only.  My small town did not have a gym where I could learn tumbling and club cheerleading.

I barely knew how to do a cart-wheel.

That’s not the case for one of my nieces.

She recently invited me to watch her compete in a cheer competition.  I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Her team has only competed a few times this year and they range in age from Kindergarten to, I think, 4th grade.

(My sister-in-law is the owner of the brand-spanking new cheer and dance gym where my niece is trained–I’m so proud of both of them!)

I also stayed to watch the gym’s older team compete, as well.

My sister-in-law would probably not like that I’m posting a picture of her team that does not show the perfect synchronization that she is used to and capable of bringing out in her girls.  But, she is also a realist.  Her gym is only a few months old.  They aren’t going to be perfect…yet.  The very fact that she has teams competing is, in my opinion, amazing.

Her staff and girls are working hard, and her gym is growing by leaps and bounds–pardon the pun–so, I won’t be surprised when next summer rolls around and her teams are sweeping the competitions.

Can I just say, this whole cheer/dance world is completely and utterly out of my realm of thinking and understanding?

I don’t do bows, and makeup, and glitter.

I have stinky ol’ boys, remember?

We play in the dirt and ride things with motors and skin things that have been caught or hunted….

Sometimes I forget what it’s like to be a girl.

…until I get some girl-time with my niece.

I love her.

I hope she never forgets her Aunt E.

In fact, in honor of my niece’s budding career in cheerleading and my need for her choose me as her favorite, I’ve decided to write her a cheer.

Your Aunt E.(clap, clap)

Is the Best! (clap, clap)

Her love, you better not mess…with.

The Glitter! (clap, clap)

The Bows! (clap, clap)

Your Aunt will buy you the Mooooosss….t.

Nana is great.

GrandDebi is too.

Your mom is fine.

But, who loves you?

Aunt E! (clap, clap)

Aunt E! (clap, clap)

Aunt E really, really love you!

It needs some polishing, but I think she’ll get the idea, don’t you?




  1. Peyton

    Aunt Elizabeth, it’s really cool that you were a cheerleader!!! That cheer was actually really good and I love you, too! Thanks for coming to my competition.

  2. Grandebi

    This is the cutest. I like the cheer Aunt E!!!

    I sure wish I had been there. I was never a cheerleader, but I have all this pent-up, unspent ability and I may have just had to BUST A MOVE on the mat there!!!!!

    I’m with you on the boy-thing. It sure is nice to have a grandgirl around.

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