Flash Bus Tour


I recently attended the Flash Bus Tour, co-hosted by Joe McNally and David Hobby, sponsored by Adorama.

Now, if you aren’t into photography those names mean absolutely nothing to you. But, if you are interested in learning more about flash photography, or photography in general, you’ve more than likely seen those guys’ names.

Joe McNally has been shooting for National Geographic for years. That should tell you plenty. He’s good.

David Hobby is the newer kid on block, compared to Joe, but he’s carved his own niche in the photography world. He’s best known for his lighting website, The Strobist.

I am at a place in my photography life where I want to learn how to use flash and light better. I’m quite comfortable with natural light. I love natural light. But, there are times when a flash is needed.

A flash on your camera, though, can create really harsh light sometimes. I knew from much research that just the simple act of moving your flash OFF your camera can make a huge difference. I just didn’t have to capability or equipment to do so.

(I am not saying you must remove the flash to get good shots…if you have a Speedlite, or the likes, you can take super photos with it on your camera.)

So, to learn a little more, I signed up for the Flash Bus Tour.

Boy, am I glad I did!

Joe McNally and David Hobby approach lighting a subject from very different viewpoints, but that’s what made it so educational for me. What seemed daunting and confusing, is now clearer and within reach for my little pea-brain.

I won’t go into their different approaches, here, but I do hope pass along some of what I learned, in later posts.

I guess, because I’m not really giving any new information or new tips, I want to encourage you to keep learning and experimenting. Not all of us can go to all-day workshops. It’s not that easy… Believe me, the cost and time factors are not lost on me. But, I do know that there are a TON of free or relatively cheap ways to keep learning your hobby and honing your skills, whether it’s photography or not.

Couple of photography ideas:
• grab a friend and join your local photography club (they’re free, usually, and meet once a month, usually)
•KelbyTraining.com (online) is a great place to watch videos on lighting, photography, Photoshop, & Lightroom. you can purchase a month’s subscription for $25. Or, you can purchase a year’s worth.
•Lynda.com is just like KelbyTraining.
•TheStrobist.com is David Hobby’s site for learning lighting. I must admit, though, until I watched him in person, much of what he discusses was lost on me. BUT, I know that I understood more because I had already been visiting his site. It’s really a great site, so check it out. His Lighting 101 class is very informative. And, it’s FREE!
•my mother will come back to haunt me if I don’t mention your local library as a valuable source for photography books/help
•Texas Photo Forum, online, is a huge resource for me! I’m sure other states have forums as well, but they won’t be as big or as good. (okay, I apologize…I didn’t have to trash talk, did I?)

The Interweb is chock full of help, so keep looking and learning! And, I hope to help you along the way, as well.

Happy Shooting!



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