The Best Chicken Recipe in the World

I do not type that title lightly.

This is a recipe my mother used to make for us, for special occasions. Now that I see how blessed easy it is, I don’t wait for special occasions.  In fact, it’s funny that this recipe became a “special occasions” recipe.  Nowadays, I’d rather have a fabulous prime rib (medium rare, thank you very much) for a special occasion.

I think my sister was the first to ask for this for her birthday meal, but I quickly hijacked that and I remember it fondly being for me, and me alone.

I would ask for my mother to make this for my birthday dinner, and then, it would never fail that the meal was followed by a Dixie’s Coconut Cream Pie.

Birthday complete.

This recipe is so simple. And yummy.

It’s what I would lovingly term: a “dump” recipe.  You just dump all the ingredients in, an voila!, you’re done.  Dump recipes almost always include a Cream Of soup….

Add the following to chicken, and Bob’s your uncle!


(photos taken with phone camera–not the best quality or color…sorry!)

Now, I warn you: this recipe is nowhere near being calorie-free.

It has butter in it.

Lots. and. lots. of. butter. Yum!

Preheat your oven to 425 degrees.

Put the chicken in a large, oven-proof bowl.  I happened to have packages of wings and breasts, but normally, I use a whole cut-up chicken. (In fact, I prefer a whole cut-up chicken, because I like the dark meat and ThrillCam likes the white meat.  How else do you think our marriage has lasted all these years??)

Throw in a stick of butter. (I don’t usually cut it up, but since I was taking pictures, I decided it would look better, more chef-like.)


Place your bowl in the oven and cook the chicken and butter at 425* for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, take out the bowl and reduce the oven temperature to 300 degrees.

I then added a little fresh ground pepper. (I didn’t add salt, because the rest of the ingredients add a salty flavor, so be careful and wait to salt after you’ve cooked it.)  You, of course, can add the pepper earlier, I just forgot.


Pour one can of Cream of Chicken soup (or Cream of Mushroom, your choice), undiluted, over the chicken.


Pour 1/4 C. cooking sherry or white wine into the soup can and swirl it around to remove the left-over soup.


Of course, it’s your choice as to whether you use cooking sherry or wine; both work equally well.  (This time, I cooked with the sherry and drank the wine).

Pour swirled sherry/left-over-soup all over the (glowing, yellow!) chicken.


Throw in a can of (drained) mushrooms. (Or, if you’re a better cook than me, use fresh mushrooms.)

This recipe is all about your freedom of choice.


Stir, gently, to combine soup, melted butter, wine (or sherry) and mushrooms; coat chicken pieces, but don’t worry if you can’t cover them completely.

I’ve even been known to mix the soup/sherry/mushrooms in a separate bowl and then pour it over the chicken.  But, I was being lazy–I didn’t want to wash another bowl.

(Don’t expect your version of this recipe to glow quite so brightly…it takes a special kind of cook to get results like this….  I guess I bumped up the exposure a little too much…ya think?)


This is where I tweaked the recipe a bit. You see, I love the gravy that is produced in this recipe. So, I added an extra can of Cream of Mushroom soup and a little more wine. But, you don’t have to; you can leave the recipe as is and just drink the wine. It’s your call. (hiccup)


Send the chicken back to the oven, this time, for 2 hours at 300 degrees.  Stir it, only if you think of it, once or twice throughout the cooking process.  But, stirring is not required.

When there’s about 20 minutes left for the chicken to cook, make some rice.

Or pasta.

Or mashed taters.

Again, your choice.

It’s a free country and I shudder to think I’ve held you back or squashed your spirit by telling you what to do.

So, be free!

Be happy!

Drink some more wine!

Here’s a shot of the final product.  Not the best picture, but you get an idea.


This really is an easy recipe to throw together.  You just have to give yourself 2 1/2 hours for cooking time.

Make it, tonight!  You’ll thank me tomorrow.




  1. Sally

    You gave me this recipe when I got married (the, very smudged, recipe card still bears the title in your handwriting!). My family has always loved it and i converted it to a crockpot recipe a few years ago. Talk about dump recipe! It doesn’t look as appealing as the browned chicken but I dump in the flash frozen chicken breasts with all of the other ingredients and, at the end of the day, I have a very happy family. The only thing they like even better is if I double the sauce so that there is plenty to mop up with rice or bread!
    YUM 🙂

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I’ve often wondered if I could make it in the crockpot, but was worried the soup would separate. Glad to hear it works! And, glad you still make it occasionally!

  2. morgen klohn

    hey cna u just give me the recipe in order without pictures cuz its hard for me to read my galsses broke

  3. Allison

    I was intrigued with the crock pot idea. I hardly use mine but now that it’s July with record setting high’s, I’m rethinking things. So I mixed my (cream of celery) soup with white wine and sliced baby portabello’s. I prefer celery flavor with chicken and actually purchased the portabello’s by mistake. They were right next to the traditional button mushrooms. I also added 1/2 teaspoon of dried celery to the sauce. I browned my cut up chicken in some olive oil, drained and added to the crock pot, then spread the sauce over top. I’m cooking it on low for the day but I have to say it took a lot of restraint to get the sauce onto the chicken. I tasted it before adding to the chicken and probably had 2-3 tablespoons before getting it to the crock pot. It’s delicious! So glad I doubled it. It will probably take two days to cook because I keep lifting the lid and drinking in the delicious aroma.

    I loved your humorous recipe. And even more, that you’re not a recipe Nazi. I often use online recipe websites that offer a chance to review and if you happen to mention you had to substitute bread and butter pickles for cornichon or slivered almonds for hazelnuts, they annihilate you. lol Thank you for what I know will be a delicious recipe tonight, the laughter and keeping my cool tonight. We live at 6500′ and have never needed air conditioning before this year. It’s nice not to have the kitchen 124 degrees. I will let you know how we find it but some recipes you just know…before it’s finished. Thank you so much and have a wonderful day.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      First, thanks for stopping by! Second, thanks for leaving a comment! I hope your tweaked version turned out as delicious as it sounds…please, if you read this follow-up, give me a report.
      Have a fantastic weekend!

  4. Mindy

    I made this one time but i cut up the chicken (i’m new to home cooking and all i had was breasts). Needless to say it was overcooked. The sauce was amazing! Hubby eat all the sauce! He requested it again (without the overcooked chicken). So am preparing it tonight. He wants me to add sliced potatoes to the recipe but i’m afraid once again of overcooking not the chicken this time but the potatoes. Also 300 degrees for 2 hours is a bit much don’t u think? Seems even if the chicken was not cut up it still would have been overcooked. I’ve been reading online and when i put in the baking time for chicken pieces at 300 degrees it always shows less time then this recipe calls for. When should i throw in the sliced potatoes?

  5. Lonna

    Hi I am going to defin try this one! I’ve never cooked with wine before but have always wanted to try it. Or sherry….whatever! Anyway, my mother always made this chicken with just the Cream of Chicken soup over the top of the chicken, baked at 350 for about an hour and a half. Just the soup, salt, pepper and we always LOVED it! So, this will have to be tried! If it’s that good with just the soup, I can only imagine how good it must taste with the rest of ingredients, can’t wait to try it, I’ll let you know how we liked it!

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