A List

1. On the road again…

Since December, I feel like I haven’t been home for an extended time, but I know it’s just the season I’m in. I’m missing my boys and ThrillCam…
This too shall pass.

2. A photography gig…
The reason I’m out of town this week is for a photography gig! My sister-in-law asked me to photograph her dance teams, at her new studio/gym. I am flattered and honored, but I have to admit, it’s new for me; shooting inside a gym with lights is very different from using natural lighting, outdoors.
I appreciate her willingness to let me learn…I really want to do well by my sis-in-law.
Wish me luck; I’ve got two more days to get it right!

3. Buc-cees!!

So, if you’ve ever driven between Dallas and Houston, on Interstate 45, you’ve, no doubt, passed Buc-cees, in Madisonville.
It is a sight to behold. A sight to be seen. A sight to….oh, you get the idea. You must stop!!!

Whenever we travel north from Houston, we have two different routes to choose from to get to either set of grandparents’ homes. Either way road out of Houston leads us past a Buc-cees. We always stop, whether we need to or not.
More on Buc-cees, later.

4. Also along I-45…

This statue.


Of Sam Houston.
What? You’ve never seen a statue quite that large before? Didn’t you know all statues in Texas are this big?

5. Went to Tar-zhay to other day for the first time in months…
I love Target. But I just haven’t been in forever. So, first the first time in about 3 month, I went. By myself. All morning. No, I mean, ALL morning. I looked and shopped, and sipped my coffee, and looked some more. It was therapeutic. Sounds crazy I know.
Except I did find myself crying in Target, at one point.


Mother’s day is approaching.

6. Speaking of crying and my mother…
Just as I was climbing into my Jeep to head out of town, a gift arrived at our house. It reminded me of my mom. I left poor ThrillCam helpless, as I got into the Jeep bawling. The gift was wonderful, and yet, it broke my heart. I guess those are things I’ll be dealing with for awhile now.

7. This.

I can’t wait to tell you more about that. Oh. My.


8. And, this….


Elvis was in da house!!
More on that soon, too.

Have a wonderful Monday!!



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