Elvis was in da house!

No one was watching. At least, I don’t think anyone was.

I would place the needle down on the record, crank up the volume, and dance around our living room to “Hound Dog” by Elvis. Every time the song would hit that major drum roll–you know, right after, “…and you ain’t no friend of mine”–I would do a version of a cart-wheel up, or down, the last few steps on the staircase that led into our living room. It was my signature move.

I loved that song and it will forever be a lovely reminder of my parents, who both loved Elvis.

So, recently, ThrillCam and I had an appointment for a brief meeting with our neighbor, Stan.

Stan’s an architect. He’s helping us with some drawings for our backyard. (more on that soon)

Just as we pulled into the parking space, I subtly nudged ThrillCam to tell him to look over to our right. “Check out the guy getting out of his car.”

“No way, is he for real?” said ThrillCam, as we watched a man with dark, slicked back hair, and a jacket covered with rhinestones get out of his car. He was headed to Little Caesar’s Pizza, next door to Stan’s office.


As we were staring, the man looked back at us, made eye contact, and smiled the biggest smile you’ve ever seen. It was as if he knew we were gawking at him and wanted the upper hand.

We immediately smiled and waved at him, as if we saw that kind of get up every day of the week. He caught us.

Also, he didn’t go to the pizza joint. He headed straight to Stan’s office. Same as us.

ThrillCam asked me if we should go in or just leave and come back later.

Too late. Stan saw us and motioned us in.


I think Stan wanted some moral support–he honestly thought the guy was about to strip!

I’m so glad we stayed.


Elvis did not strip.


He sang.

And sang.


You see, it was the office’s 20th Anniversary! Apparently, one of his clients sent Elvis to celebrate their accomplishment.

The show was quite entertaining and enjoyable. But, what made the day was getting to see Stan’s face as he took in the whole situation.

It was a super, fun way to celebrate a company’s success.

Congratulations, Stan and staff!


And, thanks for letting us crash your party!


P.S. Had I known we were going to see Elvis that day, I would have used my Love Me Tender Shampoo!


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