A list …of meaningless stuff

I’ve been swamped with photography post-work, so today’s post will be a collection of random thoughts…

1. I love Pandora Radio.  You know, the radio station app?  You can also listen to it on your computer.  It’s the bomb.

You pick what type of music you like, or a certain artist you like, and then it chooses music that is similar in style and taste.

Right now, I’m listening to my Simple Minds radio station.  Very 80’s.  It chooses bands like Tears for Fears, The Cure, Depeche Mode, etc.

My other favorite station is the Cory Hart station.

Oh, and Boston.

And, I even have a Madonna and a Bananrama station, each.

Yes, I’m stuck in the 80s.  And I can’t get up.

(Does it help that I have Coldplay and John Mayer stations?  They aren’t from the 80s…)

2.  We have a surprise happening this week!  I can’t tell you yet.  I want to take some pictures, first, and let you walk along with us, on our soon-to-be adventure.  Hold tight!

3.  It has been cloudy here for the last couple of days, but nary a drop of rain has fallen.  We are really desperate for the stuff.  Usually, we are having to mow our yards almost twice a week, because of all the rain we get by this time.  I’m really afraid our yards are going to shrivel and burn up…because I’m too cheap to start watering the lawn, yet.

4.  I’m called the orthodontist for our youngest son.  It was time.  He’s gone as long as he possibly can without braces.   You really should go back and read about the time he knocked out his two front teeth.  It’s great fun.

5.  Is it weird to you, that after 10 years, Osama Bin Laden is dead?  They finally got him?  Amazing.  And, as the story unfolds, it makes me, yet again, grateful to our military for their daily sacrifices.

I read a lady’s blog, the other day, that discussed how Christians should not gloat over another human being’s death, even an evil human being such as Bin Laden.  I’m so very thankful he has been stopped, ended, finally…but is it odd that I find it sad that his soul is in hell…forever?  (deservedly so, yes, but still…)

My brain isn’t good with deep thinking, so I think I shall go eat an Oreo.

6.  Oreos are good.  But, Double Stuff Oreos are the BEST!

7. My eyes, right shoulder, and right wrist are aching and very sore.  It’s from all the post-work (Lightroom and Photoshop) I’ve been doing on Senior Portraits and my sister-in-law’s Dance and Cheer teams.  I’m spending hours in front of the computer.  I love that I’ve had so much work, but I’m going to have to purchase a new and more ergonomic chair to help with my shoulder issues.

I already purchased reading glasses in hopes the magnification would ease the strain on my eyes.

I really don’t like this getting old stuff.

8.  What are you reading right now?  I finally finished the Hunger Games series.  Highly recommend it!  It’s written for young adults/teens, but honestly, I felt it read more as an adult series. I wanted to see what my youngest son was so interested in, so I picked them up and finished before he did.  I liked them very much.   The story is pretty intense at times, with quite a few deaths, so be forewarned.

9.  Speaking of intense and quite a few deaths…we saw Hannah, the movie, last week.  Ugh.

I am someone who doesn’t get out enough to see movies, so when I see one, I want it to be good.  Entertaining.

Guess what.  I despised it.  I wish I could get the over-two hours and all the money we spent on tickets and food back.  What a waste.

10.  It’s an absolutely be-u-tiful day out there!  Get out and enjoy!

It’s spring fever.  That is what the name of it is.  And when you’ve got it, you want – oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!  ~Mark Twain



One comment

  1. Lana Rush

    Hey Girl –

    I’m a new Pandora fan myself. Have you discovered Adele? Granted, she’s not from the 80’s (I’m a Journey fan myself!) but she is quite wonderful.

    And I am totally with you on the getting old stuff. If I hear one more doctor tell me, “As we get older….” I think I will punch him in the mouth. But I do find myself adjusting my phone nearer and farer trying to find that perfect angle where I can see clearly. I distinctly remember laughing at my parents for that exact same thing and here I am…. sigh….

    Talk to you later –

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