A few thoughts as I ride…

…to, yet, another family member’s funeral.

1. I’m tired of people dying. Is that fair to say? I’m just thankful for, and comforted by, the fact that my great aunt is most definitely in heaven. No doubt.

My prayers have been, recently, very centered on so many friends and family who are grieving, sad, worried, and/or stressed out.

Now, I add my cousins and their families…

Not the greatest Mother’s Day for many of us.

2. Some of my most favorite times are while in the car, alone, with ThrillCam.

3. Based on some of your recent comments and emails, I discovered some new music! I knew about Adele, but hadn’t listened too closely, until now. Seems I’m a little behind the times, which is not at all unusual, but, I like her!

My youngest doesn’t.

But then again, he’s totally into teeny-bopper “club” music…quasi-Rap…not real sure what to call it. (we watch lyrics/themes as best we can)

4. Since we can’t get 3G the whole trip, we can’t listen to Pandora Radio. Boo.

So, instead, we’re cruising to the hip cat, Amos Lee. I like!

5. My neighbor/friend, Stan, suggested a couple bands I still need to give a little more time: Spoon and MrNorth. Once I get back to 3G, I’ll give ’em a listen.

6. So, I decided to wait and put on my makeup in the car. I wanted to get a little closer to our destination.

That means, I have lots of good, natural sunlight streaming into the Jeep.

That’s a good thing and a bad thing, all that light.

The good is, I can actually see what I’m doing.

The bad? It’s made me realize I really do not have very good friends.

7. WHY, OH WHY, have my so-called friends never been brave enough to tel me my foundation makes me look like a Jack’o’lantern?????

8. I am now looking for new friends. Friends who are honest and have my back. Acquire within.

9. I guess I just assumed I could get away with a darker foundation color because it is no longer Winter.

I was terribly wrong.

Happy Saturday,



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