One a Day, plus iron

My friend Kent  has taken it upon himself to take at least one picture a day. But, he’s not participating in a daily photo challenge in same manner that most people participate. (You can find beau coups of photo challenges on Flickr, for example.)

It started when Kent began posting completely random and not-so-everyday pictures on his Facebook page (ex: a man wearing a motorcycle helmet while driving his car).  His friends encouraged him to keep it up and find something unusual to photograph at least once a day. So, Kent took on the challenge.

But he doesn’t use a big, fancy camera. He strictly uses his phone-camera.

Remember when I posted this on Valentine’s Day?

Yes, that’s an example of Kent’s “work.”

And, I’m amazed he’s so quick on the draw! I mean, it’s not hard to capture the above picture because meat doesn’t walk or talk back to you. He’s gotten pictures of people without them knowing (i.e. man in helmet in car), and they are pretty decent shots. In other words, if I tried to take some of the same pictures, I would be so obvious and clumsy, the person I was photographing would come over and take me down like some actor and the paparazzi…

Take for example, yesterday.  I was driving home from running an errand and saw two folks exercising on bikes. Not unusual, right?

Well, the lady was riding a regular bike, but her partner was on an extra large unicycle!

Now, a unicycle is unusual! Especially, an extra large one.

But, I wasn’t Quickdraw McGraw, like Kent. I thought about pulling over and waiting for them to pass, but I was afraid they’d recognize my Jeep as the one that just passed them. So, I chickened out, even though, I thought how funny the picture was and how I would have loved to share it with you.

While I didn’t take the unicycle picture, I am taking some cues from my friend Kent, and I am trying to be more attentive to the unusual and notable things around me. I’m going to take more pictures with my phone-camera.

Like this.


I saw these planters at one of my favorite places, Frazier’s, in Hempstead, Texas.

They’re awesome, aren’t they?!

Awesomely huge.

You just don’t see big foot planters everyday….

Or this.


I actually turned the Jeep around, and got out to take that picture. It’s not the best, because, again, I was nervous the owner of the car was going to run out in the parking lot and yell at me.

Although, if you put big, long eyelashes on your car, you are probably used to people stopping and staring.

I wish I had taken the picture from straight on, to give you the full effect.

I could see those on a VW Bug…how cute would that be?

Lastly, we are making some changes around the house, doing some re-decorating, etc.

So, what better way to decide on products you like and want to remember, than to snap a picture with your phone-camera?

You see, I’m thinking of going with an Asian theme in my living room.

And, I stumbled upon some tables I really liked.

So, what did I do?

I took a quick picture, so I could remember them, in case I want to go back and purchase them.

What do you think?


I think I have a pretty good sense of humor, but even I’m not brave enough to put that in my living room!

Not even for the sake of a good laugh.

But, I am willing to take more pictures when I see something odd, quirky, out of place, or just down-right funny (assuming no one gets hurt).

So, be like Kent, and so many others, and take more pictures with your phone-camera!

You never know what you’ll find out there.

Happy Shooting,



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