Meet some other friends…

Cards are flying, trash talking abounds, and laughter rings into the night.  There are just some memories I will never forget; memories of almost weekly games of Nerts being played while sharing good food and building friendships that last the test of time.  I will cherish those memories forever.

Some might say it was doing ministry side by side that brought our two families together, but I would argue that it was the game of Nerts.

ThrillCam and I met Doug and Margo when we lived right outside Austin, many moons ago.  ThrillCam was leading worship and Margo was the Children’s Minister.  Two areas that really had nothing to do with one another, but Margo and ThrillCam seemed to click.  They thought alike.  They dreamed alike.  They spurred each other on.  It didn’t hurt that Margo’s husband Doug and I were also similar in personality.  While ThrillCam and Margo did the heavy lifting, Doug and I served together on the drama ministry team.

Oh, don’t get me wrong; Doug was and is a heavy lifter, himself.  I think of Doug as a fantastic utility player–he can plug into just about any area of ministry and serve honestly and openhandedly.  And, he serves well.

Eventually, our time in Austin was cut short.  Our family and Doug and Margo found God leading us all in different directions, but not severing the bond and respect we had with and for each other.  The dream ThrillCam and Margo dreamed together was being reshaped, expanded…neither one knowing exactly what was in store for their futures.


Doug and Margo did not have kids during those years in Austin.  They simply poured into our boys and so many others kids.  Margo continued her work with children whether it was teaching college courses to Education Majors, to serving children in Mexico, in orphanages.  She truly is one of those hands-on type of person with a heart that beats for the less fortunate.

Part of Doug and Margo’s dream was to have children of their own.  But, for some reason, only God knows, they could not have them.

Finally, though, in their early 40’s, God answered their prayers, and they adopted.  Twins.  From Guatemala.  And, can I just say, they are the cutest, greatest little kids ever?

To know that these two were rescued out of such abject poverty with no parents or family, to now, being held every night by loving and Godly parents is beyond words.

(Did you know that there are an estimated 140 million-plus orphans in the world?  And, that’s just an estimate…it’s probably much, much higher than that.)


Fast-forward to this year.

Our friends for life, Doug and Margo, and their twins are about to take on, yet another, leap of faith to serve the needs of others.

They are basically selling everything and moving to Honduras.   From the time Margo was a young girl, she has wanted to be a missionary.  And, she was blessed with a husband who supports her dream.

So, off to Honduras they go!

I am thrilled for them.

Humbled by them.

Inspired by them.

Our family is already making plans to visit them and help pour concrete floors for single mothers, hand out medical supplies along with the medical brigade, as well as love on and play with the orphans.  But, it will be awhile before we can go do that, since Doug and Margo aren’t there yet.

Our youngest has already decided to take Spanish, in 7th grade, next year, so he will be able to communicate with the kids at the orphanage.  That right there is inspiring to me and tells me that there is no way we could not go to Honduras.

(Did you know that Honduras is just a 2-hour flight from Houston?)


I’d love for you to check out the organization with whom they are going to serve:  World Gospel Outreach.

Of course, if you feel led, you can help support the Turners on their new journey by visiting their personal website that also ties into the World Gospel Outreach site: 

But, if you’d like to contribute in a different way, you can always purchase the coffee that the orphanage harvests and sells to raise money for the orphanage and the surrounding village.  (The children that end up working the coffee fields must be at least 12 years old, have good grades, a good attitude, and they are paid for their work–it is not slave labor.) All the proceeds from Honduras Cloud Forest Coffee go directly to the orphanage, which in turn, helps the surrounding village and community, which in turn, will help all of Honduras.


I know this is not my typical type of post, but I just wanted to share with you a family that has over the years both impressed and encouraged me.  Their latest venture has now inspired me.  I guess I just wanted you to know about what they are doing, in case you were wanting to help the needy but not sure where to start.

Of course, praying for the Turners (and the other house parents at the orphanage) is always a great start.  (The Turners’ greatest prayer request at the moment is to sell their home in the Little Rock area.)

Maybe you, too, can join me in Honduras next summer!

Have a great day!


He defended the cause of the poor and needy, and so all went well. Is that not what it means to know me?”
Declares the LORD. Jeremiah 22:16


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