Guess what we’ve been up to?

Our Spring has been maddeningly crazy. Every Spring is. The winding down of the school year combined with two boys playing a ton of baseball makes every April and May super hectic and harried. Add to that my unstable emotional state, still, after my mother’s death, and you’ve got complete and utter chaos.

So, what did we do, right in the middle of our completely and utterly chaotic April and May?

We decided to build a pool.


(photo and design courtesy of Bradley Custom Pools)

I’ve always, always wanted a pool, even when I was growing up out in the country. But, it’s just never been in the cards for us.  It was never the right time, never the right house, and never the right money.

Well, it appears that the stars have aligned for our little family, so we took the plunge (pardon the pun).


(all photos taken with my iphone)

We knew we wanted it to be finished by the time the boys’ school ends for the summer, so that meant finding a pool builder we liked and trusted, and fast.

The fact that it hasn’t rained in a thousand months certainly helps.

No rain is good for pool building, but good for nothing else.


Our backyard has undergone a major transformation, and we aren’t even close to being finished yet! It’s a mess out there.

But, to be honest, our backyard was a huge blank nothing, so even a mess is better than nothing.


I just hope our neighbors (sorry Heather and Jim! sorry Tammy and Kirk!) haven’t hated us throughout the process. It’s been rather loud at times, especially those early Saturday mornings….


It’s gone fast, though!  And I get more and more excited as the days pass.

I can’t wait to give you the completed tour.

But, first, a little sneak peek.

I’ll show you more, soon!




  1. Brooke

    Oh my! That’s a beautiful retreat you’re going to have in your backyard! We had an above ground pool once. I called it the above ground pond because the ducks got more use out of than we did.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I would love for some ducks to choose our pool as their occasional resting place, but we have a thing called Bear. He would consider everyday Duck Season.

  2. Andrea

    I see how it is. You wait for us to leave, THEN you build your pool. Well, sister, get a load of this. We have a pool now too, and we don’t even have to clean it. 😉 Happy for you and the boys! i know it will be well used!

  3. karen banister

    Howdy neighbor!!! I’ve been wanting to come and see but, like everyone else, have been too crazy!!! I figured I could sneak a peek on facebook somewhere and he it is!!! I love it and I hope sometime soon that we are sitting by yours or mine and having a much needed visit!! Love you! 🙂

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