Some Random Thoughts on Some Random Things…

I’m glad the world did not end the other day.

Although, to be honest, it wouldn’t have been all that bad, I don’t think. I wouldn’t mind being in heaven right now.

It’d get me out of doing the laundry.

Plus, I’d get to see all the saints who have gone before me.

I really think heaven is going to be way more fun than we can even imagine, you know?

So, I guess I would have been okay with it all, had the rapture happened as predicted (once again).

I will say, I am glad I didn’t sell all my worldly possessions like one couple supposedly did.

Now what? I mean, if the world was coming to an end, why even bother to sell off all your possessions? Wouldn’t the end of the world mean the end of everything, including your worldly possessions? Or, did they worry that someone left behind might profit from their left-overs?

Not sure on that one, but I’m glad I didn’t follow suit.

I didn’t do much to prepare for Y2K, either.


There are some positives to being a procrastinator.


A friend sent me a link to, well, you’ll just have to see if for yourself…in case you were concerned about your pets after the rapture…. I’ve always hoped pets would be in heaven with us?? I haven’t done any research on that topic, in the Bible, so I’m not sure. But, just in case they don’t go with us, you can have your pets cared for while you’re gone.


A couple of months ago my youngest requested a dry erase board for his bedroom; he wanted to write reminders to do homework and such.

I ended up getting him a black board with neon-colored dry erase markers. It’s been fun for him to use.

Every couple of weeks, he’ll change the message to remind himself of upcoming events or areas to improve.

So, a week or so ago, this was his message–I snapped a picture with my phone-camera:


I’m thinking he’s got the secret to a successful life down pat:

1. Chalone (read: cologne) (read: soak your body in Axe Body Spray and leave a trail behind you of people passing out, gasping for air)

2. Clotles (read: clothes–I think he forgot the hook on his H) (read: pick up from floor, attempt to shake out wrinkles, sniff to see on a scale of 1 to 10 how bad it smells, wear again anyway)

3. Hair (read: shake head around numerous times; comb hair; shake head again; comb; shake head once more; comb; work hard to achieve a perfect sweep of bangs across forehead; quickly spray with hair spray to hold in place; walk slow and pray it’s not windy on way to bus stop)

4. Look good (see all of the above)

5. Be freakin’ awesome (some come by this naturally, others must work at it; my son believes it is something he was born with)


6. Give glory to God

I like it!

I think he should write a book, no?


P.S. My son really does know how to spell better than what is represented!!

P.P.S. My son has since gotten a hair cut–it’s way too short to shake anymore.  I’m kind of sad; I’m going to miss the daily morning hair routine….


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