Him:  An Honors student in the English department.  Loved reading, music, club dancing, water and snow skiing.  Spun records, on the side, for various college dances/formals.  Loved his steaks well-done.

And, he sported  a mean 80’s ‘stache, a semi-mullet, and Ray-Ban Wayfarers….

Her: An average student in the theatre department. Loved acting, club dancing, water skiing, and traveling.  Worked, briefly, at The Gap, but made no money, because she spent her paycheck, and then some, on clothes.  Loved her steaks medium-rare.

And, she sported a fantastic 80’s perm, multiple colorful Swatches, and a collection of Units clothing, with scrunched-down white socks.

It was meant to be.

He: has taught her a new understanding of a great, big God, how to love bigger, how to better parent two super boys, and lots of new words to use in sentences (although, she still hasn’t mastered the spelling of them).

She: has taught him to order his steaks to be cooked, at least, to medium, rather than burned.

The rest, they say, is history.

Happy Anniversary, ThrillCam.

Here’s to twenty-plus more.




  1. Lisa Freeman

    That brought tears. Said so well for two people that their lives have been put together as one by God. You are awesome.

  2. Brad

    Those pictures brought tears to my eyes also…and a pain in my side…

    All kidding aside (never totally though), I remember those days 20 years ago and remember meeting some really great people that I never dreamed we’d still be hanging out 20 years later…we are blessed to have friends like you guys.

    • Elizabeth Simmons

      I know…they are scary pictures, no?

      We are equally blessed to have you and yours counted as friends.

  3. Grandebi

    Elizabeth, you haven’t changed a bit through those years. C remains just as handsome also, with a wee bit more distinguished hair color now. Happy 20th and I say, here’s to 40 more!!!!

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