Twenty. Give or take a few.

Thank the Lord my husband loves me and puts up with me…

Yesterday, I put up some funny pictures of ThrillCam and me from our very early years together, because yesterday was our anniversary.

“Twenty” was the title of the post.

That implied, rightly so, that we have been married twenty years.

It’s a logical conclusion.


So, yesterday, on Facebook, a number of my friends wished us a Happy Anniversary, which was very kind.

And, there, in the middle of the good wishes, Marcy, my roommate from college, wrote something along the lines of, “Call me crazy, but I thought y’all were on twenty-one.”

Marcy is crazy.

Because, we got married on June 23rd, 1990.

1990 from 2011 is…







Come to find out, we’ve actually been married TWENTY-ONE years….

Maybe Marcy isn’t crazy after all.


Yep.  I got my anniversary wrong, in a great big public way.


Isn’t that the universal joke about husbands, that THEY have no idea how long they’ve been married?

Well, I’m the exception to the rule.

As usual.

Just call me Dingbat.  A big dummy.

Fortunately for me, ThrillCam didn’t read my blog yesterday.


He’ll never know.


Update:  I decided to confess to ThrillCam that I couldn’t remember how many years we had been married.  First, though, I asked him, before admitting, how long we had been married.  He hesitated, then said “twenty!”  Followed by, “Twenty…no…Twenty-one.”

I don’t feel so bad, after all.



  1. Kris

    OK, that is hysterical! You might need to have C start proof reading any of your posts relating to your younger years! Oh well, 20, 21. Whatever it takes. (name that movie…) You guys are wonderful and I love ‘ya!

  2. Robin Dodd

    So here’s the thing.. I do this all the time and Shawn and I have been together for over a decade and married wait.. let me think about it… 7 or 8 years in October.. I have to ask my friend Matt, because right before his wedding we got married in a drive thru in Vegas.. LOL I think it was 04 could have been 03… I think when you just have so much fun it’s hard to keep up!!

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